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Mother in law… does she really know best?

I’ve always had a good relationship with my mother in law; from day one she’s made me feel part of the family and has been there in many ways for us since we got married in 2003.


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Another milestone… first pair of shoes

Being a Mummy is the most incredible thing I have ever done. All the things that I had achieved in my life pre baby seem to pale in comparison – of course I am proud of things I have done, be it my career, my little home, the places in the world I have seen or other goals I have achieved, but somehow the things I was most proud of don’t seem to be quite so amazing now.

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My first weekend away from my baby

Last week I left Beans overnight for the first time ever. For the whole thirteen months of her life I have been there when she wakes in the morning, to put her to bed at night and all the bits in between.

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Let’s review… Just4Bums nappies

I was beyond amazed to discover I’d won a year’s supply of nappies from Kiddicare. What was even luckier is I was due to give birth to our second baby the following month and so the timing was perfect.


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Baby-led weaning… the start of a new phase

I can’t believe that Nano Mck is six months old. It has whizzed by in a blink of a eye and there are some days that I feel I have hardly looked at him, that I’ve fed him with one eye or hand doing something else and that he has just been moved from car seat to chair to rug to pushchair and finally to bed.

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A working mum’s worst fear

This past week or so have been a bit of an emotional roller coaster in our household.

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Darned buggies

I always felt a bit smug when I was pregnant and people would ask what double buggy we were going to get… ‘Oh no,’ I’d say, in my smuggest voice. ‘Annie will be two and a half; she’ll be more than old enough to walk everywhere, besides, you know how much energy she’s got. If she’s feeling tired then I’ll just put her in the buggy and carry Ezra in the sling,’ I’d boast.

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The triplet mummy

I love our new house! I am still tripping over babies, but I am not tripping over quite so much clutter. I do not have to lug three heavy car seats in and out of the car every day and we regularly walk to our local sure start centre, library and market where I am getting to know the locals.

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How not to be a yummy mummy

I often find myself having yummy mummy envy whenever I see mums out and about looking smart, attractive and dressed in nice, clean, non-baby and toddler stained outfits.

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Let’s review… Nutmeg clothing

Nutmeg is the new clothing range available nationwide in Morrisons and Kiddicare stores, and promises “effortless, everyday clothing that works hard for you.” After trying out a number of items from the range, I think it definitely lives up to this promise…

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