Baby Milestones… My First Pair of Shoes

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Being a Mummy is the most incredible thing I have ever done. All the things that I had achieved in my life pre baby seem to pale in comparison – of course I am proud of things I have done, be it my career, my little home, the places in the world I have seen or other goals I have achieved, but somehow the things I was most proud of don’t seem to be quite so amazing now.

The moment Mads entered our world on the 24th December 2010, I felt an instant rush of complete and utter awe. How did we create something quite so perfect? I was so proud, I felt like I was the only person in the world ever to have had a baby. Yes this amazing little creature was mine- I grew her, I gave birth to her….we made her. I was lucky enough to have been chosen to be her Mummy.

That initial feeling hasn’t faded; in fact I think it just grows stronger everyday. That first smile, the first little giggle, the first time she crawled….these little milestones may seem like nothing to an innocent bystander but to me they are everything. Even now I often steal a sneaky look at her when she is playing and the feeling of utter love, awe and devotion I get just completely takes my breath away. I truly am the proudest Mummy alive. Although I am sure all the other Mummies say this too!

Last week, my Grandma and I took Mads to buy her first pair of shoes. As she tottered up and down the shop, smiling and getting excited, showing off her new shoes to all the shop assistants, I actually got tears in my eyes. Fourteen months ago she was a tiny newborn and now there she was walking all on her own. Time is going so quickly and each new milestone brings such intense emotions – extreme proudness yet also a twinge of nostalgia that my little girl is growing up so quickly. I wish I could bottle them all up and replay them over and over again.

It got me thinking about all the milestones we will have throughout the course of her life. Will she be like me and not be particularly great at sports? Or will she win all the school sports day races and be on all the teams? Will she be like me and be good at drama? Will she take the lead in the school play? Will she be good at Maths like her Daddy? What will she be when she grows up? Who knows what is going to happen but as long as Mads knows that whatever she does with her life, I will always be the proudest Mum in the world.

That day on 24th December 2010 changed me as a person and with it gave me the greatest achievement I have ever done – it made me a Mummy.

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