Baby Led Weaning… The Start of a New Phase

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I can’t believe that Nano Mck is six months old. It has whizzed by in a blink of a eye and there are some days that I feel I have hardly looked at him, that I’ve fed him with one eye or hand doing something else and that he has just been moved from car seat to chair to rug to pushchair and finally to bed.

Yet, here we are at six months and ready to start weaning. If I am totally honest the whole weaning process is not something that I’m particularly looking forward to. I seem to remember being desperate to start with my first, Mini Mck, hoping desperately hoping that it would help him sleep, (It didn’t) but finding the reality of it quite frustrating, messy and laborious. I’m hoping that this time will be different.

We will be following a Baby Led Weaning (BLW) approach again, as even though it was frustrating I still think it suited us better than spoon feeding.

For those that aren’t aware of what BLW involves, it basically means that you don’t go through the spoon feeding part of weaning and instead simply start baby holding and eating finger food from around six months, allowing them to work out how to deal with lumps right from the start.

I love the ease of this approach as I won’t have to sit spooning pureed food for Nano and can just get on with eating my own meal, involving him with me and his older brother as we eat. Much of food that we eat he can try and there is no need for me to do any additional shopping. There may be a little extra baking, but seeing as Mini Mck considers this one of the best ways to spend a morning, that really isn’t a problem.

From my experience it makes you relax about food and your baby. When you give the control to them to eat as they want, it removes the pressure from you as a parent to get them to finish the bowl. It is great to learn to trust them and I often had to sit on my hands so as not to intervene when Mini Mck coughed or spluttered while trying to negotiate some food. It was all part of the learning experience for him.

The two different approaches to weaning can both produce zealots and I absolutely am not one of those. Baby-Led Weaning is by no means perfect. It is frustrating to watch lovingly prepared food tried and rejected and it can be tedious having to pick up food from the floor after every meal and wipe down the walls. As much as your heart soars when they get the hang of chewing and swallowing, it also sinks as you frustratingly look on at them gnaw and slobber over a piece of food only to have it fall from their hand and onto the floor.

I am actually intrigued as to how our weaning journey will differ this time around, as Nano has been different in almost every way to his big brother. Perhaps I am looking forward to it after all, although I wasn’t feeling that way this evening as I picked up the first of many pieces of chewed and dropped cucumber from the floor.

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