Darned Buggies

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I always felt a bit smug when I was pregnant and people would ask what double buggy we were going to get… ‘Oh no,’ I’d say, in my smuggest voice. ‘Annie will be two and a half; she’ll be more than old enough to walk everywhere, besides, you know how much energy she’s got. If she’s feeling tired then I’ll just put her in the buggy and carry Ezra in the sling,’ I’d boast.

I’d think it was silly that other people assumed my toddler wouldn’t be able to walk everywhere and think that I’d need to shell out on a new buggy for the two kiddos. I was determined to prove them wrong!

Of course it’s obvious what happened next. Ezra decided he violently disliked the ‘magical, all natural’ baby carrier we’d spent £100 on, despite all the reviews from mothers saying their baby loved it and how perfect it was having them so close all the time. I have no idea who in their right mind sold their car and just walked everywhere because the carrier was that fantastic…

In a bid not to be outsmarted by a newborn, I brought out the baby carrier I’d had for Annie but never used…which he also hated.

Not to worry! My next course of action was to put him in his car seat on the buggy and Annie could either walk, or ride on the buggy board – problem solved…or so I thought.

This is where both of the kids teamed up to prove me wrong. Ezra cries every time you put him in his car seat unless there’s motion. This means browsing round shops with him in the car seat / buggy combo had better be a speedy, motion filled affair or he’ll let everyone in a two mile radius know just how unhappy he is.

To top it off his big sister decided that she did not like the buggy board one little bit. I didn’t mind this because she does love to walk, but being a toddler her energy levels are unpredictable and the slightest hint of an illness and she wilts like a flower in a hot room, sinks to the floor rubbing her eyes and asks to go in her buggy because she’s ‘a little bit tired, Mummy’!

I apparently hadn’t taken into account Annie’s possessive, toddler feelings when I considered transportation for the kiddos. Turns out she still sees the buggy as ‘hers’ and doesn’t like the fact that Ezra has taken it without asking, something we tell her off for!

So now we’re stuck with no other option but to buy a double buggy and all my smug feelings have gone and left me feeling a little bit daft! Any other recommendations of doubles we should consider?!

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