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I was beyond amazed to discover I’d won a year’s supply of nappies from Kiddicare. What was even luckier is I was due to give birth to our second baby the following month and so the timing was perfect.

I am not what you’d call a ‘lucky’ person. I don’t win competitions. If a car’s driving by and it’s been raining, you can bet I’ll get splashed. My toast always lands butter side down so this was a lovely surprise.

When we had our daughter we tried different disposable nappies, big brand and store’s own. Annie used to do the scariest nappy blowouts, get extreme nappy rash and suffer from leaks at the most inopportune moments and while these things still happened with our chosen big name brand, they just happened slightly less frequently. I assumed this was something all parents went through and we’d have the same problems with our son, but I was wrong!

Ezra has been wearing his Just4Bums nappies since he was born, and has never once exploded, leaked or oozed anything unpleasant, nor has he had a single incident of nappy rash. He’s a bit of a chunky kiddo and on moving up to the midi size I was (overly) excited to discover they have a double leg cuff to prevent spills now he’s moving around more. They’re absorbent enough that he lasts all through the night without a change and he doesn’t wake up grumpy from his nappy being overly full or nappy rash.

As sad as it may be, my favourite thing about them is the fact they’re not covered in cutesie cartoons. I take a lot of photos of my kids and disposable nappies always stand out, but these are white with only the velcro bit in colour so when they appear on camera they don’t look tacky or draw attention away from the cutie pie wearing them.

In short I am in love with a brand of nappies and I’m not ashamed to shout that love from the rooftops!

We’ve everything you need to keep baby clean as a whistle, from nappies and wipes to baby toiletries and bath products.

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