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Let’s review… Nutmeg clothing

Nutmeg is the new clothing range available nationwide in Morrisons and Kiddicare stores, and promises “effortless, everyday clothing that works hard for you.” After trying out a number of items from the range, I think it definitely lives up to this promise…

We visited our local Kiddicare at Merry Hill to take a look at the new range, and couldn’t resist a second browse of what they’ve come up with while in a Morrisons store recently. We bought an all in one swimsuit for our eldest daughter Georgie to use on holiday, and have been sent a selection of items for both of our girls to try out.


Lydia (baby girls clothing)

9 week old Lydia is currently in 0-3 months clothing, although as she weighs 12 lbs she is at the top end of the size. Lydia was sent:


A pack of 5 short sleeved bodysuits – £6

Apple outfit with top, shorts & hat – £5

Flowery romper dress – £7

Spotty cardigan – £7

Tigger romper suit – £7


All of the items we were sent fit her nicely, and she should get about another months wear out of them before she moves up into 3-6 months.

Nutmeg for Lydia



Lydia - Tigger Outfit




Georgie (young girls clothing)


Having only just turned two at the start of May, Georgie has recently moved into size 2-3 years clothes. She is really skinny still but very tall for her age, so clothes in the size below tend to all be too short for our long little girl! For Georgie, we were sent:


A pack of 2 pairs of summer pajamas – £7

Peppa Pig t-shirt – £5

Cream butterfly t-shirt – £4

Purple butterfly t-shirt – £4

Denim Jeans – £5

Turquoise Jeans – £6

Coat – £10


Georgie has only just moved into size 2-3, and there is plenty of growing room in these items. They aren’t too baggy though, and the elasticated waists on the jeans mean that they fit well.




Nutmeg for Georgie



Georgie - PP Outfit + Coat




What we thought


Our first impressions of the Nutmeg range when we visited the range in store were overwhelmingly positive; there seems to be a wide selection of clothing on offer, at great prices and to suit all tastes. We spotted a few nice “character” items too, with Angry Birds, Winnie the Pooh, Peppa Pig & even the tween favourite One Direction making an appearance!


We were impressed that there were a number of practical summer coats for girls on offer, following struggles finding them in the past – it seems a number of places think little girls don’t ever set foot outside when it rains! They even had a super lightweight coat for little girls that folded away into a pocket – perfect for keeping in the bottom of your bag in case you get caught in a shower.


All the clothes that we were sent to try were really lovely; the designs are great fun and the materials feel really good quality. The Nutmeg range seems really great value, I couldn’t believe Lydia’s adorable apple outfit costs just £5! I thought the apple hat with its green fabric “stalks” was so sweet.


The romper dress & spotty cardigan got quite a few compliments from friends, and Lydia looked so cute & comfy in them. It would be a perfect outfit for a special occasion, with the lovely floral pattern on the skirt – attractive yet still very practical, and great for a warm day.


The bodysuits were really great for the price – working out at £1.20 each they are fab value whilst still being fun designs and practical pieces of clothing. I was impressed to see that the Tigger romper suit was just £7 too, as Disney clothing can sometimes be much pricier, especially for something so cute as this! It was great to see that they have such a great range of gender neutral Disney clothes on offer, at affordable prices.


Georgie’s swimming costume, which we bought for her first swimming trip, was a big success. She loved the bright colours and fun pattern, and it will be fab for keeping her safe from UV rays on the beach this summer, with it’s built in UV protection and long arms & legs. The big zipper means she will be able to take it off herself, as she is just learning how to work zips, and finds tiny zippers tricky.


The t-shirts Georgie tried out are super soft to the touch and they all have cute little details that make them a bit special; for example Peppa Pig has a little net skirt on and the cream butterfly top has sequins to give it a little something extra. Georgie didn’t want to take her Peppa Pig tshirt off and kept delightedly pointing at herself and calling out “Pig!” to me.


Georgie was also very excited about her new cat pjs – in fact when they arrived she was so excited that she was running around the house waving them about shouting “Cat! Cat!” at the top of her voice, and then went on to try to put them on over her clothes! They seemed to be very comfortable too, as she slept for hours in them. Again, these were great value at just £3.50 a pair.


Both pairs of jeans that we were sent were very good too, with a great fit on her slim waist thanks to the adjustable waist jeans – a detail that usually adds quite a bit extra to the price. I love that Nutmeg has such a great selection of coloured jeans, as Georgie lives in jeans much of the time and it can be a bit boring to have her constantly in blue denim. There are four more colours available besides the turquoise ones we were sent, and I expect we will end up buying at least one or two more pairs for her.


Lastly, the coat we were sent for Georgie was lovely. With a fun flowery design and full of practical details, it wasn’t surprising when she didn’t want to take it off! The body of the coat has a thin fleece lining to keep your kids warm on cooler days, and the hood is removable for the nicer days. I thought the flower buttons were quite sweet, whilst still being easy to button up.


The whole Nutmeg range for both babies and young kids seem to have been designed with practicality and a kids sense of fun in mind – they are so colourful, and the girls clothes aren’t all just different shades of pink! The materials are all of great quality, and I think we will get lots of wear out of the clothes.



The clothes are full of little details that make life easier, with poppers at the neck and legs in the baby clothes, no itchy labels at the waist & neck, easily grabbable big zippers, and adjustable waists in all their jeans & trousers – you can tell a lot of thought and attention to detail has gone into the range.


We will certainly be buying clothes for both girls from the Nutmeg range in future!


Have you tried the Nutmeg range? What do you think?


Prices correct at time of posting. See website for latest prices.


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