The Joys of Weaning with a Second Child

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Harry is now 7 months old and we have been weaning for around 6 weeks now. Here is how we are getting on.

I started just before 6 months due to his bad reflux and I’m pleased to report it’s worked as we have now cut back on his medicines.

As I did with Emmy I started out by making home made purees and had high intentions of continuing down this route,  however I’ve been foiled by a 3 year old!

With a first child you have all the time in the world to sterilise, cook, puree, label and freeze. Batch cooking and stocking up. However throw a 3 year old into the mix, play dates,  pre-school,  washing,  cleaning and playing and cooking more than one meal a day takes a back step.

Harry has now had more jars of store brought food than Emmy ever has, he now eats what we eat for dinner, with a few exceptions and small variations and he LOVES to feed himself.

This time around I’m far more relaxed and no longer stick to the rules, often finding a biscuit in his hand thanks to Emmy.

He is happy and thriving and eats healthily too so I won’t complain.


  1. Hi
    I was the same with my two. The eldest I made the majority of her meals, and only used jars in an emergency or when out and about. However with the young one it soon became clear this wasn’t going to be the case again.
    The little one is now 1, and loves pasta and rice dishes. But she blankly refuses to eat any meat and veg meals that I make. Out of a jar, yes, but she’s too old for those now.
    Any suggestions to help get her to eat them?
    I’ve tried more gravy, less gravy, more potato, less potato. Nothing works. She now seems to know when I’m offering home made ones and won’t even try them.

  2. I would personally suggest making into pasta sauces as your LO loves pasta, instead of hiding the veg like we do with older children sometimes, do it with the meat instead.
    Also try giving it in finger sized portions so they can feed themselves- they may chew on it, suck it ir just play with it.

    Its all about getting them used to the textures etc. Often they wont like meat because it is hard to chew and need working at – slow cooking is brilliant if you’ve a slow cooker as the meat is so tender after about 6 hours cooking.
    Good luck and try not to worry, it won’t always be this way

    Clare Nicholas
  3. I never had problems feeding my children and never bought jars. Just give them food to try and do not force them. My son is a smaller eater than my daughter, but he eats well and is now 51 years old and my daughter 2 years younger. Both of my grandchildren love their food. No anxiety they just eat. Give them what they want within reason and they will eat. Let them eat while watching tv; it does not matter as long as they eat. Give them proper breakfast too. Mine used to stop by for breakfast before school so it was fried or scrambled eggs on toast plus a drink and off to school while mum went to work.

    Carole Weinstein

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