The Triplet Mummy

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I love our new house! I am still tripping over babies, but I am not tripping over quite so much clutter. I do not have to lug three heavy car seats in and out of the car every day and we regularly walk to our local sure start centre, library and market where I am getting to know the locals.

Now, in my mind I am just a normal mum of three, but to people who do not know me I am “The Triplet Mummy”. Over the past few weeks I have been stopped more times than ever and have had the same conversation up to ten times in one day. Some of the most popular comments/questions I receive are:

  • “You’ve got your hands full” – if I had a pound…
  • “They’re gorgeous, you’re so lucky” – Thank you, I know I am.
  • “Wow, how do you cope?” – Very well thank you!
  • “Were they natural?” – A little bit personal, but I’m surprised if I’m not asked this during a conversation.
  • “Do triplets run in your family?” Thankfully they aren’t running yet.
  • “Oh, all boys? What a shame!” – Actually, I’m just happy I have three healthy babies.
  • “Are they good?” – Not really sure what people mean by this.
  • “I have three very close together, it’s almost like having triplets” (they say laughing) – it really isn’t.
  • “You look great, you don’t look stressed at all” – I like this comment (especially when I do feel stressed).

I really like talking to people and I enjoy getting to know the locals, but sometimes if the babies have been grizzling and I’ve put them in the buggy for a nice quiet walk I really don’t always feel like holding a conversation. Some people automatically assume that having multiples is a nightmare and I just can’t stand the thought of somebody pitying me because I have triplets. I therefore tend to only tell strangers about the positives of having triplets and save any bad bits for my friends and family.

I have never liked being the centre of attention, but since having the boys I have had no choice but to get used to it and often it actually works in my favour. I have found people to be much more kind and considerate than I could have imagined helping me with the buggy and giving me a multiples discount if I ask for it.

Asking play groups for a discount is just one of the ways that I am going to have to start trying to save money as it looks more and more likely that I will not be returning to work. It is quite a scary prospect as I have worked since I was sixteen and have always paid my way, but on the other hand I am very much looking forward to spending time with the boys before they go to school. I won’t be having any more children (I could end up with half a football team!) so I am going to make the most of it and enjoy them! Thankfully, I have a good mummy friend who lives just around the corner who will not be returning to work either so it reassures me that I will have another person to share the experience with. My only fear is that I will not have the escape that working mothers get and I hope that I can handle the intensity of being a full time, stay at home mummy to triplets for the next  five years (just writing that scares me slightly).

Our parents continue to be fantastic and they have looked after the boys whilst John and I go out and have a meal together or get stuff sorted around the house. We are finding that the amount of housework just seems to be tripling! There is always washing to be done, bathrooms to be cleaned, high chairs to be wiped, bins to be emptied, food to be cooked etc. It really is relentless sometimes. I really need a cleaner, a cook, a gardener…actually I think I need a wife!

I was successful in my mission to take all of the boys swimming, finally! We took them to a friend’s swimming pool where we were able to take plenty of photos and enjoy ourselves in the warm sunshine. They all enjoyed it for about ten minutes before screaming quickly ensued.

There was a time when 30 degree heat was something to be celebrated, but with three sweaty, irritable, teething babies it is definitely not quite as appealing as it once was. They do love being outside though so I think it’s time to get the paddling pool out, spray on the sunscreen and make the most of our inevitably short summer!

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