Baby Number 2… Things I’ll Do Differently

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Little Miss is now 15 weeks old, when I was pregnant I thought about all the things I would differently the second time around. As a first time parent you make a lot of mistakes before you get it right and they are certainly a lot things I will do differently or at least try to!!

Here are some of things I said I would differently this time around:

  • Be More Relaxed: I felt really on edge when BG was born I was constantly worrying that she was too hot or too cold, hungry, breathing!  You don’t ever stop worrying about your children but I don’t hoover over Little Miss like I did BG. I don’t check her every 5 minutes though I am still known to do the new mum poke (where you poke your sleeping baby to make sure they are still breathing)
  • I Will NOT Rock My Baby to Sleep: And I didn’t for the first few weeks but you kind of find yourself doing naturally. I do try and stop myself when I find myself doing it as I don’t want her to get used it.
  • I Will Not Let Nap Time Dictate My Day: It’s so easy to get hung up about set nap times and it can really restrict your day. Luckily *ahem* Little Miss doesn’t like to nap much in the day so we can just get on with things.
  • I Will Dress Her in Baby Grows Until She is 6 Months Old: I would have done this if she hadn’t been bought a huge amount of clothes to wear! We did last about 8 weeks just in sleepsuits and then she grew out of most of them. We are not doing tights yet.

I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter what would or have done differently the second time around and this is what they said:

“Chill out & enjoy it. And I have done” @MrsMummyN

“Buy more muslins, not be so worried about routine and cherish those newborn cuddles as they don’t stay small for long” @MummysShoes

“Relax more – if I needed to bring the baby into bed with me every now and again I would just do it” Becky Gower

“Definitely relax and know more of what to expect such as teething, tantruming, feeding – well everything” Lisa Jackson

“Ignore any advice that starts ‘we never did it like that’!!” Jane Smith

“Enjoy and relax with the feeding!” Katherine Munro

“Go with your instincts” Wendy Lavender

I don’t panic every time someone gives me some ‘advice’ like I did with Bud. @RoseRedMummy

Not be tied to the house for naptimes! Not as easy when you have a toddler too! X @MamaDesignLtd

3rd baby I bought car seat & nappies the rest I got as I needed it most of the bits I bought for 1&2 were money wasters @CharlieMoos

3rd baby I bought car seat & nappies the rest I got as I needed it most of the bits I bought for 1&2 were money wasters @FairyKnowz

Enjoy it! I worried about everything first time round. And not read stupid advice books. FarFromHomeMama

The main theme is to relax more!!

What would you do differently the second time around?

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