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Tips for Coping with Pregnancy and a Toddler

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During first pregnancies it’s easy to have a quick nap or catch up on some sleep. But when you’re pregnant with a lively toddler? They’re not so keen when mum has a lie down! But there are ways around it…

Back Pains

This is a problem I have suffered worse this pregnancy than my first, a lot earlier on as well. You may find taking a few paracetamol may ease the pain a little bit, but consult your doctor beforehand just to be sure that it is okay and try not to take them too often. If the pain really is that bad then tell your GP or midwife who can recommend products. Warm baths or showers can really help or taking a hot water bottle to bed. Sadly the idea of just putting your feet up on the sofa to give your back some time out isn’t always an option but when toddler is away for the day or enjoying some daddy time then use that moment to relax!

Sleepless Nights

As your bump grows you find it harder to get comfortable in bed and may even find this the time when your baby is super active and uses you as target practice. On top of that you have a toddler who may wake up in the night for various reasons (night terrors, bedwetting, illness etc) so you may find yourself having sleepless nights or very few hours of actual sleep. Get yourself to bed a little earlier than usual, perhaps take a book or magazine with you. Try setting up your pillows more upright for a more comfortable way of sleeping or you could invest in a pregnancy pillow to support your bump as you sleep. Take turns with your partner if your toddler wakes up so you both get some rest at least.


Sadly I have no magical cure for tantrums. As our son closes in on the big number 3 we have found the amount of tantrums has gone down as he is now able to speak to us and tell us what he wants. Of course he has moments where he wants something that he can’t have and a hissy fit will ensue. Tantrums can be stressful at the best of times and during pregnancy your hormones are all over the place so you may feel like snapping, sobbing or just screaming. Best thing is to walk away from the child. Tantrums feed off attention so if they don’t get the desired attention then soon enough they’ll give up, Promise.

Pushchairs & picking up toddler

Pushchairs are great but aren’t always very light and neither are toddlers who suddenly demand halfway back home that you must pick them up right now or some sort of explosion combining snot, tears and a very red face will happen. When my son got older we got hold of a very lightweight stroller which also has a strap to put it over my shoulder. I can walk with my son happily with stroller on my back and if he suddenly feels tired or demands to be picked up then I just take the stroller out and he happily hops in. Toddlers do enjoy walking but sometimes get tired and when you’re pregnant you may not want to push a big pushchair around or pick up a groggy child up so consider investing in something lightweight and enjoy small trips out as fresh air will do both of you good!

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