How to photograph your little ones

10 Top Tips: For Photographing Your Little Ones

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Photographing babies and children is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Here are 10 top tips for photos to treasure forever.

1. Location – take photos in everyday locations – bath time, dinner time or a trip to the swings will produce great shots. Check what’s in the background and clear out clutter.

2. Everyday clothes – if your toddler only wears his Spiderman suit, let him! This is how you’ll remember them – as they are, not as you think they should be.

3. Keep it real – photograph them whilst playing, talk and joke with them, then be ready for the moment when they look to the camera.

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4. Light – natural light usually works best so use a bright room or be prepared to have fun outside.

5. Perspective – get down to their level – or lower. If your baby is having tummy time, lie down in front of him and meet him eye to eye – you will be rewarded.


6. Scale – little hands and feet don’t stay little for long! Try including a grandparent’s or sibling’s hands in unforgettable shots to make everyone say ‘aah’!

7. Focus on the eyes – We are drawn to them – especially those beautiful, large baby eyes, so make these the sharpest part of your photograph. Hold your baby’s attention by attaching something bright to your lens or wearing something funny on your head!

How to photograph your little ones

8. Take a lot of pictures – digital makes this easy – you can even set your camera to continuous shooting mode for when they are speeding about.

9. Photo record – keep it regular! Take photos of your baby every week in their first year and watch the amazing changes.

10. Don’t forget to get in the picture too! Use your camera self-timer, get a friend to help, or book a professional! It’s the photographs with you that your children will treasure the most.

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