Playing with a cardboard box

#WIDN – 18 months old

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A day in the life of Ez, a cheeky 18 month old who never sits still…

We like an early start in our house and have generally finished breakfast by 7am. Once we’ve waved daddy off to work I am ready to play! I love playing with my sister’s Mickey Mouse figures (when she lets me!), my shape sorter toy and reading. I can also spend hours playing with a cardboard box.

I still like a quick nap before lunch, just to recharge my batteries!

Nap time

After lunch it’s more playing, I love being out in the garden, carrying or kicking a ball, or playing on the slide.

I love being in the garden

Now I’m ‘all grown up’ I’ve moved from my highchair into a booster seat and I get to feed myself. I love eating whatever everyone else is having and have been known to make a bit of a mess with my dinner!

I'm in a booster seat

Some nights I have a bath before bed, my favourite thing is when mummy puts glow sticks in the water, my sister and I like to pretend they’re light-sabers. I’m not a huge fan of having my hair rinsed, I’d much rather be splashing everyone.

Bubble bath

Then it’s time for a bedtime story and a snuggle with daddy before bed.

Snuggles with daddy


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