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Top 10 nursery space savers Help me choose

Top 10 nursery space-savers

 Is little one’s first bedroom more box room than board room? Emma Childs, Nursery Buyer, puts together her favourite space-saver essentials to maximise your space. Read more

Triplets Your stories

Triplet boys at 18 months: toddlers, tantrums & tiaras

We recently hit the 18 month milestone and my god don’t we know it. I’m not sure who has replaced my quiet, always cheerful, easy going babies (that recollection may be slightly inaccurate), but I now seem to own 3 very noisy, very funny, fiercely independent, disobedient toddlers!

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Daddy G of the Dad Diaries Love this

Introducing Daddy G of The Daddy Diaries

I’m Daddy G, Studio Manager and creative bod at Kiddicare, with my first baby on the way. Over the coming months I’ll be sharing my story with you. It promises to be quite an adventure…

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Breastfeeding tips Know-how

Top 10 tips for successful breastfeeding

Sarah and Vikki, aka “The Perfect Pair”, are NHS breastfeeding peer support workers from our Hedge End superstore. Lovely girls they are. Here are their top ten perky tips for breastfeeding success.

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Duchess of Cambridge Your stories

I’m due the same time as Kate

I’m often asked what it’s like having a baby due around the same time as The Duchess of Cambridge and whether I’ve shared any similar moments as she has throughout the pregnancy.

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Busy Lego box Know-how

Top tips for happy travels with kids

Sanity-saving tips and techniques for keeping little ones amused in the back seat. For five hours. On a trip to Cornwall.

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small_talkV2 Know-how

The authors of Small Talk reveal how to make your child chatty

Speech therapist Nicola Lathey and journalist Tracey Blake are the authors of Small Talk, the new must-read for all parents wanting to improve their child’s language and communication development.

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playdoh-copy-no-text-resized Love this

8 cool things to do with Play-Doh

Ever a bit stumped for craft activities? My 2-and-a-half-year-old Arlo isn’t a fan of painting or messy play but he does really enjoy Play-Doh. These are his all-time favourite Play-Doh activities – really easy and really fun. Read more

H waits for the Tooth Fairy Your stories

The Tooth Fairy

Hello, I’m the one who feels like all I post about are the lies I tell my daughter. Sorry. I know, I know, I should be honest, truthful and set a good example, right? Uh ohh.

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RESIZED-Karin---bike Your stories

I want to ride my bicycle

A few months ago, spurred on by news of her classmates, Ella told my husband and me that she wanted us to take the stabilisers off her bicycle. It was time for Ella to learn to ride her bicycle like a “big girl”, apparently!


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