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I’m due the same time as Kate

I’m often asked what it’s like having a baby due around the same time as The Duchess of Cambridge and whether I’ve shared any similar moments as she has throughout the pregnancy.

Well both of us ended up announcing our pregnancy earlier than we’d have liked. For Kate it was announced early as she had been admitted to King Edward VII’s Hospital suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum and was there for three days. I was lucky not to suffer with this however with my first meeting with my midwife I had become bed bound and in so much pain I was in tears.


It was only when my midwife saw how much pain I was in that she demanded I go to A&E right away as the symptoms flagged up the possibility of it being an ectopic pregnancy. Thankfully this wasn’t the case; however it turned out to be a severe kidney infection which led to me being on several doses of antibiotics as it simply would not shift.


Because I was in A&E friends and family were worried as to what was wrong with me so we just decided to come out and tell them I was pregnant. So both myself and the Duchess are terrible at keeping pregnancies a secret!


What about gender, you ask? Well we decided to find out and tell anyone who wanted to know that we’re expecting a girl. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have not openly stated whether they are having a girl or a boy but I like to think she’s on the same level as me with a girl on the way, especially now that all children of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales will be in line for the throne and not just the eldest son. So if this is a girl she will be in line for the throne, girl power!


Everybody is talking about The Royal Bump. I feel somewhat bad for her here as people are pointing it out and saying how big it looks when really it is rather petite. Considering her slender body shape it makes perfect sense not to have a huge blob growing outward from her. Whilst she was being criticised by the media for having such a ‘large bump’ I was getting the opposite. Now I’m only 5’2” and my son was rather small for his age so I don’t expect to be giving birth to large children as I simply don’t have the capacity. When people tell me my bump is tiny I kind of feel a bit hurt by this. I know that’s daft and I shouldn’t care but it’s almost as if they’re telling me I’m not doing a good job being a child bearer. So whilst Kate has the media going on and on about her bump I have the joys of everybody telling me about my ‘small bump’ but I guess the bonus is I don’t have to all over the newspapers. I feel for you there, Kate.


This is the Duchess’ first child and this is actually my second so I thought I’d end this blog post with a “what would you say to the Duchess if you ever met her” type of conclusion. Well I’d tell her not to worry about going past the due date, keep away from media and the phone for a while as you’ll soon get sick of all the “have you had the baby yet?” comments that will just drive you nuts. But my biggest bit of advice to her would be relax and enjoy the experience. Good luck, Kate!


A footnote to this post. Baby Cassie was born safe and sound on 24th June 2013. Mother and baby are doing brilliantly! 


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