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Introducing Daddy G of The Daddy Diaries

I’m Daddy G, Studio Manager and creative bod at Kiddicare, with my first baby on the way. Over the coming months I’ll be sharing my story with you. It promises to be quite an adventure…


I spend my days making sure things look as they should and generally making sure Kiddicare is a creative and exciting brand. When I joined, I wasn’t expecting to be “living the brand” quite so much! I spend my time out of the office enjoying the great outdoors with our Jack Russell, Arthur (and our friends’ kids – meet my goddaughter Daisy in the photo above!), supping a good pint and tinkering with our 1968 beetle, Betty.


Several weeks ago my wife Becci presented me with a small silver gift box. I had no idea what to expect when I opened it. Certainly not the positive pregnancy test that was inside. The second thought that ran through my head was “33 years old and it’s finally time to grow up”. The first? A combination of complete shock, surprise, excitement and fear!


We had decided to start trying for a family this year and were planning to enjoy our last holiday in NYC as a couple before we had to start considering kids’ clubs, pushchairs and highchairs. But as with all things involving babies, nothing ever really happens as planned. With just a few weeks before we were due to fly Becci sat me down and presented me with said silver box. A life-changing moment.


My name is Gillon and this is my dad-to-be story…


  1. Sarah

    Love this…looking forward to next instalment!

  2. Congrats G! I’m so looking forward to reading your updates, going to be loads of fun!

  3. Dan M

    Brilliant Gillon, nice shorts as well

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