Mummy Proposed to Daddy!

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This is the story of our little family and how my mummy proposed to my daddy. I’d love to share it with you.


My name is Munchkin, ‘Munch’ for short! I am 3-and-a-half years old , I live with mummy, daddy, my baby sister Beastie Boo and our playful dog, Alfie. That’s my little family, and I love it! For nearly 3 years, I was the centre of attention at home. Then in June last year, Beastie Boo was born, and things changed a little. This little bundle of milk, nappies and noise was about to challenge me to a contest of epic proportions – the prize being mummy and daddy’s attention!

Then there were four … five if you include Alfie, who by this time only really occupied the ‘family space’ when it was really necessary during the day. It would seem things get a little hectic for him when I’m around!?? I don’t understand this really – it doesn’t seem to bother him that much when I’m pulling his tail or poking him in the ears with my crayons. Ok, so he’s not so keen on wearing my hairbands, but still!

Mummy still wasn’t satisfied … something was still missing!

My mummy wanted to marry my daddy!

Mummy and daddy have been together for 8 years now and are very happy together. I hear them say “I love you” to each other every day, and we love our big family hugs – even though the number of arms involved in these hugs is increasing … I have decided that Beastie is welcome to join our hugs now!!

Mummy planned a special surprise for daddy’s birthday this year, and I was in on the plan! Both Beastie Boo and I were part of mummy’s plot! In fact, we were playing the most important parts in the whole thing … Here is how we greeted daddy on the morning of his birthday …


Mummy had waited such a long time for daddy to do the asking, that she decided enough was enough and told me that us girls would have to take matters into our own hands!

As daddy came walking in to the lounge on the morning of his birthday he was met by me, jumping around excitedly in front of him, ensuring that I was the first person he noticed. After all, I had made him a birthday card at nursery, and he just had to see that first! He took the card from me, and smiled as he read it, scooping me up in his arms to say thank you with a kiss and a hug. As he placed me back on the floor, I announced, “Look daddy, I’ve got a new t-shirt with the Little Miss Mister Men!” Daddy managed to stand me still enough so that he was able to make out what the t-shirt read. As he read it, he flashed a curious look at mummy, who flashed a little look in Beastie’s direction.

At this point, Beastie was rolling around on her tummy on the floor, doing her best ‘skydive pose’. Daddy picked her up, lifted her to his eye level, and read her new t-shirt too. With that he turned to mummy and said, “Are you proposing to me …?”

Kisses and cuddles all round followed, with a few happy tears from mummy! And, of course, daddy’s answer …



So this all happened a little over 2 months ago now and mummy and daddy have made a couple of plans already. First of all, they have set a date for our big day …


I can’t wait to start trying on lots and lots of pretty dresses until we find something perfect!!

Which leads me onto the next piece of completed planning.

The Bridesmaids!

Naturally, me and Beastie Boo will be mummy’s bridesmaids. But there is someone else mummy wanted to play a big part in our big day. Mummy has a very good friend. Someone who has been there for her in a big way through all of the tough times in the past few years. Someone who will make our day a little bit more special just by being there with us.

Mummy has popped the question to my ‘auntie D’ and she has enthusiastically agreed to be mummy’s Maid of Honour! This is how mummy asked her …


We sent auntie D a Message in a Bottle. Inside was a scroll containing a special poem that mummy wrote herself.

A message in a bottle,

Just like in days of old.

Holding unique messages,

Or so the story’s told.

Messages of SOS,

And the X that marks the spot.

Messages of ‘Just for Fun’,

These bottles contained the lot!

This message in a bottle,

Contains a special note.

Together with this little verse,

(That I myself have wrote!)

I suppose this little note,

Is a kind of SOS.

I really need your help, you see,

And I’d love you to say yes!

I need some help with planning,

For the day I say “I do”.

The best qualities for this job,

I feel I find in you.

What I really want to say,

And what this note’s about.

I’d love you to be my Maid of Honour,

And be by my side throughout …!

So this is where we are at right now. Next step – wedding fayres! I can’t wait to be a bridesmaid, and I can’t wait for my mummy to marry my daddy!

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