Packing My Hospital Bag

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One of the great milestones of late pregnancy is packing the hospital bags. Some do it early on and some wait until they are in labour (me first time round!)

I believe it is suggested to be ready to go from 36 weeks. It is very easy to overpack when there are so many gorgeous little things but I’m hoping that second time round I have everything just right for the little guy’s arrival.

To try and be organised I have packed two bags for our hospital visit – one for me and one for the little man – that way all his teeny tiny newborn bits stay easy to find (it’s amazing how many scratch mitts you can lose!) Here’s what we’ll be taking:

Baby’s bag

  • 5 newborn sleepsuits – one of these will be his coming home outfit but I really can’t choose which yet!
  • 5 0-3 month vests (I have big babies!)
  • 1 gorgeous snowsuit purchased from Kiddicare!
  • 2 pairs of scratch mitts
  • 3 newborn hats
  • 1 pair of gorgeous baby booties
  • 2 blankets (mostly because I couldn’t pick my favourite!)
  • Plenty of nappies and cotton wool to deal with those revolting meconium filled nappies!
  • A swaddle for baby to keep him nice and cosy like in the womb

All of these bits are packed in my lovely new changing bag as I want its maiden voyage to be a special one.

Mummy’s bag

  • Biscuits (need to keep my energy up during labour!)
  • New PJs for after the birth (lovely breastfeeding-friendly ones from Melba!)
  • Coming home outfit – comfy and loose as the baby belly hangs around for quite some time
  • Maternity pads
  • Lots of old comfy pants
  • Nursing bras
  • Nipple cream and breast pads to help out with breastfeeding
  • A bikini in the hope I get the water birth I would like
  • Slippers
  • My maternity notes (v important!)
  • Toiletries for the much needed post-baby clean up
  • My phone charger
  • Hair-bands
  • Make up and straighteners (necessities if I am going to leave the hospital feeling human!)

We are also taking in a car seat although that definitely does not fit in either of the bags! I think I have everything I need for baby Squish and myself and the bloke is busy packing himself a snack bag too as he doesn’t want to be left out! I am hoping for a nice natural birth at the local midwife led unit and they like to have you discharged within a few hours of birth so I have packed with the idea of a possible overnight stay in mind but no longer. If necessary I will have to trust the bloke to pack me some more supplies (he better not forget extra biscuits!)

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