reusable nappy q&a

Reusable Nappies – Q&A with Bambino Mio

Joreen Singh from Bambino Mio took to our Twitter account to answer your real nappy questions. If you’re considering real nappies or if you’ve got any questions, this is an absolute must-read!

Do real nappies work out more expensive? 

“No, in the long run a full set of reusables will be cheaper than the 6,000 disposables you’re likely to need. To buy everything you need from birth to potty training costs £179 (the best price is Kiddicare!) – for that you get a premium pack of Bambino Mio 48 nappies, 6 nappy covers, bucket, laundry bag, nappy sanitiser, liners, wet nappy bag from birth to potty training. Obviously you’ll have that initial outlay in the fist instance but compare this to a pack of disposables which costs £7-10 per week and you can see the cost savings. And of course if you have a second child you’ll have to spend all that again on disposables – cost savings are substantial.”

Tell me about some of the benefits

“Independent research shows that nappy rash is greatly reduced as long as you’re changing and cleaning regularly. Research also shows more likely to potty train early as able to experience sensation of nappy wetting which means average time out of nappies is 2 years 2 months rather than disposables nearer 3 years.

Are there any government incentives for using real nappies? 

“Yes, lots of local councils offer incentives. It could be a free trial pack or up to £70 in incentives like some London boroughs.”

My Mio Solo smell even after washing. Any tips? 

“I’d suggest soaking in a strong, hot solution of Mio Fresh nappy sanitiser, then give them a rinse in the machine. Also hanging in UV sunlight will deodorise nappies.”

Any tips on folding? 

“There’s no complicated folding involved with Bambino Mio nappies. They’re designed to fold into three, making a rectangle that inserts into a shaped nappy cover, so there’s on bulk around hips – not like an old school terry nappy where it’s bulky all over. And of course there’s no folding needed with MioSolo all-in-one nappies.”

Can I start with reusables at any time in my baby’s development? 

“It’s fine to start with reusables at any time. As the nappies are really quite similar to disposables your child probably wouldn’t notice the difference. Remember, the cost savings are always there to be had and your child will potty train that much quicker.”

Can I use the same set of reusables for my second child? Is it hygienic? 

“Absolutely. MioFresh antibacterial sanitiser keeps nappies completely fresh. The fabrics we use now are designed to remain soft over time, unlike the traditional terry nappies that used to go hard.”

I’ve bought some all-in-one reusables but I’m looking for some slimmer ones – any you can recommend? 

“Mio Solo is very slim with a synthetic super-absorbent core keeping it slim and lightweight. They have popper and Velcro fastening which adjust to make them slimmer and more compact.”

Tell me about washable wipes – what’s good about them? 

“Washable wipes are environmentally friendly and come with real cost savings. With reusable wipes you don’t need a preservative on them. They’re not sitting around for ages so they won’t go mouldy – you can just use water with essential oils which is lovely for baby’s skin. Cheeky Wipes are the best on the market.”

How many nappies do I need to get started?

“If you want to use real nappies full time you’ll need about 20. That means washing them about twice a week.”

What do you do with the nappies while they’re waiting to be washed?

“Soiling can be lifted off on a biodegradable liner and flushed away. The wet nappy is then placed into lidded bucket, no need to soak. On the third day you just lift the nappies out with the net lining in the bucket and pop in the machine for laundry.”

Do they have to be washed separately to other clothes?

“They don’t have to be but by day three you’ll have a full load. Antibacterial sanitizer is added to your regular non-bio detergent to wash at 40 or 60 degrees.”

My childminder is reluctant to use my reusable nappies when I’m out at work. Any tips?

“When people actually see the nappies they’re pleasantly surprised at how easy they are to use. Because Mio Solo is shaped like a disposable, you just place baby on and fasten the Velcro tabs. A lot of dads and grandparents say how easy they are to use. Some childminders think of old-school terry toweling with pins but today’s reusables are much more modern – really neat and slim. When doubters see them their reservations are lessened!”

Which reusables are best for a novice?

“All in ones are closest to a disposable. They’re easy to put on and they wash and dry really quickly.”

I’ve been using Solos for a year but find the Velcro gets less sticky.

“Always close the tabs before they go into the laundry. Check the Velcro hook to see if any fluff or lint has collected in it, sometimes it can get clogged, so be sure to pick that out.”

Are Bambino Mio reusables available for bigger children?

“Yes, we have XXL nappies and toddler sized covers from 15kg. We do sell a Potty Training Kit £12.99 to help with the transition from nappy to toilet.”

Can I mix and match disposables and reusables?

“Absolutely. When you’re at home you may want to use reusables whereas if you go out for the day you may want to use disposables. You can buy a smaller kit of 5 or 6 nappies and just use them part time. You’ll still see considerable savings and you’re still doing your bit for the environment.”

How much better are reusables for the environment?

“Significantly! The Environment Agency Lifestyle Assessment for Disposable and Reusable Nappies in the UK found that reusables are up to 40% better for the environment. There are 8 million disposables going into landfill every day in the UK and it can take up to 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose. If they’re put into a plastic nappy sack it’ll take extra time. There is no disposable nappy on the market which will fully biodegrade.”

Surely putting poo and wee in your washing machine will cause problems?
“No because the soiling is lifted off on the biodegradable liner and hygienically flushed away so it’s really not an issue.”

What about swimming? Do you sell reusable swim nappies?

“Most swimming pools today will ask kids to wear some sort of swim nappy so we sell swim trunks and swimsuits with reusable nappies built in. That way anything they do in a swimming pool will be contained. Bear in mind that disposable swim nappies are expensive at 25p each, and that’s for a single use.”

Are reusable nappies available for preemie babies with a low birth weight? 

“Bambino Mio do sell premature sized nappies, not stocked by Kiddicare. Best to phone us direct for advice on 01604 883777.”

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