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The Tooth Fairy

Hello, I’m the one who feels like all I post about are the lies I tell my daughter. Sorry. I know, I know, I should be honest, truthful and set a good example, right? Uh ohh.

Earlier today H had one of her front teeth extracted in hospital due to an infection in the root. The tooth was getting darker and while she wasn’t in pain the tooth had to go.

Twenty minutes in hospital and we left with a small blue envelope which is to be tucked under H’s pillow, complete with her first milk tooth inside.

Fortunately, she believes in the Tooth Fairy thanks to the episode from Peppa Pig, and also the song from Ben & Holly. We’ve bought various books dealing with tooth extraction and dentist trips (Topsy and Tim have it covered – there isn’t much they haven’t done) so the appointment went smoothly, us stressed parents watching as they distracted H and administered the injection to numb her tooth (she was amazing – seriously, I move around more when I’m injected and I’m in my 40s).

There’s just this final matter. The Tooth Fairy. She who brings money and leaves it under the extractee’s pillow. If you’re really lucky you’ll get something else with it too. So the going rate is £1 and we’re telling her this stinking great rotten lie that is acceptable to tell all kids because everyone does it.

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The worst thing is you have to play along because if you don’t then your child could wreck it for everyone else (well, until they’re old enough to know otherwise) – so no pressure. Add to that H is ridiculously excited and thinks the Tooth Fairy will fly in through the letterbox (she’s been checking all evening in case she’s popped by early) and even in my hardened heart a little bit of “aww” appeared.

Further “aww” when she told Shaun that “if I see sparkles around my bed, it means the tooth fairy will have been!” – how could I possibly think of telling her the truth?

Maybe this kind of lying is acceptable after all? After all, if it gets her imagination going like this then that’s got to be a good thing. In fact, I’m already feeling a bit sad when she’ll find out that it isn’t real… at least that won’t be for a few years yet, mind.

jo x


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