Things I Really Miss about Life Before Children

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People who say their life won’t change after they have children are fooling themselves, sorry but its true! You now have a little person that rules your life; things will never be the same again. You learn to adapt and you become a different version of yourself which is not a bad thing.

I love being a mum, I wouldn’t be without my children but there are things I really miss about my life pre children.

  • Leaving the house on time with little fuss
  • Going to the toilet on my own
  • Drinking a whole cup of tea/coffee without it going cold
  • Being able to eat my food without little hands pinching it
  • Going out on the town at the drop of a hat
  • Going to gigs regularly
  • My waist
  • My feet
  • My bladder control
  • A proper lie in
  • Puke free clothes
  • Reading a book during the day which isn’t written for children
  • My disposable income


I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter what they miss:

“Spontaneity!!” @BloomingShowers

“For me it is being able to sit and read a book in one sitting uninterrupted!” @Mum_TheMadHouse

“Being alone in my house” @mummylimited

“Going to the toilet in peace.  oh and having money and not having to think for anyone else” Glenda Hickmott

“Actually having a life!? Lol” Marissa Bird

“Lie ins, having a hangover in peace and my stomach muscles” Becky Gower

“Sleep!” Kirsty Brown

“No stretchmarks! I’ve finally got back to the weight I was before having children, but it’s still not the same! The children more than compensate for it though” Antonia Chitty

“Being able to see my feet” Kate Sutton

“Sleep!”  Danii Bridge Clark

“Sleep!” Nikki Ruttley

“Sleep and the freedom to go out with other half, get a little bit drunk and be silly!” Amanda Waring

“Jetting off at a moment’s notice!” Jane Smith

“Leaving the house on time and being organised” Sabina Green

What do you miss?

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  1. Don’t worry! Single 40 yr old male with no children and can’t do any of these things either. lol

  2. Being able to eat grown-up food every day – mussels, really hot curry, vegetables that aren’t peas or broccoli like swede or sprouts. I’ve had enough of frozen breadcrumbed food and ketchup.

  3. my daughter is the most amazing incredible breathtakingly beautiful wondrous miraculous thing I have ever achieved, she is the sum total of everything and more that I have been and will ever be, the distilled essence of my being made whole. Every experience I knew before she was born were mere selfish trifles of my consumer tuned brain now nothing matters more to me than her existence.
    When my time comes to die I will go with a smile on my face knowing I contributed to the creation of a miracle and set it forth into the world.

    Anthony Papagallo
  4. When does the baby brain (forgetfulness) cloud go away? My child is 11 now and exaustion has never gone away! sleep!! what sleep? now going through early menopause. The joys of parenthood, ha, never again!
    Yes your kids are your world, but being a working single parent with no life outside four walls is no fun, have lost my fun loving old self, can’t wait to get a life again.

    Hells Bells
  5. Ah Hells Bells… it sounds like you’ve got all the plates spinning there. You’re clearly a power mum, full credit to you. Vicky x

  6. Getting really fed up with parents that just because they have managed to pro-create thinking that the world owes them a living! You people are so dull!!!!! I really would not want to sit next to many of you at a wedding!!!!!

    Feb up taxpayer
  7. Feb up taxpayer – “Getting really fed up with parents that just because they have managed to pro-create thinking that the world owes them a living! ”

    And where is anyone begging for money?

    Things l miss are readings books and watching films.

  8. I for one love everything about being a parent. Looking back our life was really quite boring without the kids. We werent ones for going out and like to spend our time watching movies and walking.
    The differances now are that we watch lots more disney movies but who doesnt like reliving their childhood memories.
    We eat the same and go out at the weekends the same. The great thing is we look at everything from a childs point of view and see it from a new level.
    Being a parent has so many exciting things to look forward to and brings the magic back into life. Fireworks, parties, dancing, christmas, halloween, pumpkin carving etc.
    We get to pass on all the things we enjoyed with our parents and more to our little ones and watch their faces beam as we do.
    Is there really anything more satisfying in life then seeing your child smile and laugh????
    I dont think there is

  9. “Is there really anything more satisfying in life then seeing your child smile and laugh?” Blupumpkin that’s a really lovely comment. Thank you for sharing. Vicky x

  10. Love my children to bits would not change them for the world. But I sometime miss things like having a bath with candles and bubble bath in peace, being able to work ( hubby works) Oh sometimes I miss my sanity.

  11. I’d like to know if Anthony Pappagallo’s wife agrees with him as in my experience dad’s lives don’t change to the degree that ours do! I love my babies and wouldn’t change a minute but some days I’d kill for another hour in bed!

    Amanda Webb

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