Triplet Boys at 18 months: Toddlers, Tantrums & Tiaras

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We recently hit the 18 month milestone and my god don’t we know it. I’m not sure who has replaced my quiet, always cheerful, easy going babies (that recollection may be slightly inaccurate), but I now seem to own 3 very noisy, very funny, fiercely independent, disobedient toddlers!

Eating ice cream with triplets

People ask me if it’s easier now…I look at my dear darlings – Oscar is pouring his sippy cup over Lucas’ head while Lucas rubs biscuit into his hair to make a paste and Harry is sticking his finger so far up his nose that it will probably start to bleed. “No” is my reply. “It’s not easier, it’s just different”.

Sometimes I feel like I have enrolled on a seriously intensive bootcamp run by my toddlers. The camp is run by impulsive, unreasonable slave drivers who believe that tea/coffee/lunch/toilet breaks are for the weak. I read somewhere that mothers on average say “no” to their toddler over 400 times a day…that’s a potential 1200 “no’s” in my house! I don’t think I say it that much, but sometimes it feels pretty darn close! One of their favourite things to do at the moment is climb onto the dining room table and dance triumphantly! I must have dragged them off and told them “no” at least 100 times, but they still think it’s the best thing ever. They are like mountain goats, no table or windowsill is too high or too dangerous. I fear an a&e visit is not far around the corner.

I try to pick my battles wisely as I cannot stand sounding like a broken record. Plus it is so true that the more you tell them off, the more likely they are to do it again. For this reason I am continually adapting our living and dining room to suit their ever demanding needs and increased ability to climb (EVERYTHING!). My armchair faces the wall in the day so that they cannot fight over it and climb onto the windowsill, the DVD player and sky box is currently sitting in a Kiddicare nappy box to stop them from pressing buttons and my reclining sofa now has bits of tape over the hand levers to stop them pinging out the footrests and knocking each other out. Not to mention the billions of stair gates that now riddle the house. Oh the glamour…

It’s not just the incessant rule breaking that is rife, it’s the tantrums tantamount to a volcanic eruptions that we encounter throughout the day. At least with a volcano, you get a bit of warning! For example, I took them to get their feet measured today, by the time we had finished I was sweating. Who knew getting new shoes could be so traumatic? The ladies in the shop know us now, we are infamous. When we walk in I imagine they are thinking “Oh no! Deep breath and think of the commission”. Everything is fine and everybody is happy until that dam toddler gauge comes out, they turn into wailing banchees for no apparent reason. The heartbreaking thing is once you have wrestled the first one into their new massively overpriced pair of shoes, you know that you then have to do it twice more! I smile throughout trying not to show that secretly I just want the ground to swallow me up and for everyone to stop staring. Having triplets makes you a prime target for stupid comments, but when you have screaming triplets and a face that says “please leave me alone” (heavily edited version) it seems to keep these irritating comments at bay so I at least managed to get from the shop to the car without having to stop. Silver linings and all that…

Despite this new found disobedience that they seem to delight in, they are also absolutely hilarious little characters. They are so funny and the laughter is infectious, you cant beat 3 lots of giggles. I am enjoying being able to do more with them and although they only have what seems to be a 20 second attention span we can dabble in a bit of art and craft or baking without them trying to eat everything. They are also starting to engage in a bit of imaginative play and Oscars favourite costume at play group is the tiara and fairy wand. I did regret showing him how to gently tap me on the head while saying “diiing” after I nearly lost an eye due to a rather over zealous bout of “diiinging”.

Sometimes at the end of a (very long) day I wonder how we all survived and then they do something so utterly adorable like hug each other and it makes me realise how lucky we are to have them and they are to have each other. Triplet toddlers are amazing, wonderful and bloody hard work all at the same time.

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  1. I read all of your comments and I fell about laughing, it is just like I had written it – the same things… mountain goats, oh yeah… the dvd and cable box are behind perspex so the channel changer still works, but no button pressing etc 🙂

    Also my fav answer, different not easier 🙂

    My triplet boys are now 2 🙂


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