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Why I can’t wait to be a dad

Dan is a 30 year old Marketing Manager here at Kiddicare. We like Dan, we do. Diamond bloke, always smiling, nothing’s too much trouble. Plays semi-pro footy too. He and Caroline married in August last year and they’re now 19 weeks pregnant with their first baby. We sat down with a nice cuppa to talk dad stuff.

How did you feel when you saw your first ultrasound? 

“I didn’t get teary but I almost had a moment. What amazed me was that all of a sudden it just started to feel so real. I’ve been really excited about Caroline being pregnant but when I saw the baby it just blew me away. Embracing new life is just the most special thing… absolutely up there with the best days in my life.”




Are you going to find out which flavour baby you’re having? 

“No, we’ve decided against it. I don’t think we’ll ever have a surprise like this in our lives.”


How do you feel right now? Excited face?! 

“I’m in a really positive place right now. Mind you, I’m always glass half full, that’s my outlook on life – I get it from my Dad. I’m just so excited about it all, I can’t wait for Caroline’s third trimester. It’s true to say that pregnancy has brought me and Caroline even closer together – it’s all good.”




Any anxiety at all? 

“Yes, I guess I’m nervous about the future but I know I’m going to try my hardest to be the best dad I can and to be the best role model for my child.”


Do you wonder what sort of father you’ll be? Reckon you’ll take after your Dad?

“I have an incredibly close relationship with my Dad – he’s the greatest Dad in the world – I want to have that bond with my baby.”


Tell us more. What are the qualities in your Dad you most admire? 

His outlook on life, the time we spent growing up together, the direction he gave us – Dad wasn’t as strict as Mum when we were growing up but we still had so much respect for him. And we still do – he has a brilliant work ethic. He used to be a pro rugby player then a teacher then he went on to set up a really successful ski and holiday business. He’s got a fantastic sense of humour too – we have a right laugh together. I just hope my child will have as much fun with me as I did with my Dad.”




Have you bought anything unbelievably cute anything for baby like teeny tiny Converse hi-tops? 

“Not yet, although Caroline’s Dad brought us a really cute bib that says ‘I’m a Magpie, just like my Grandad’. Can I just say there is absolutely no way our baby will be a Newcastle fan – Leicester through and through!”


Which will be the first sporting event you take littl’un to? 

“If I’m still playing football at a reasonably good level I’d love Caroline to bring the baby to watch me. And of course to see the mighty Leicester.”


Do you talk to your baby? 

“Yes I do. It sounds ridiculous but I always say hello in the morning and good night when we go to bed. Can’t believe I’ve just fessed up to that.”


Last question Dan, thanks for being such a star interviewee. Do you worry you may wobble at the birth? Apparently it’s only 1 in 600 who actually faint! 

“Funny you should say that. A bloke I used to do ski seasons with in France passed out at the birth of his baby and missed the whole thing. Funny for us, not funny for his mrs. Actually I do get a bit queasy but I’m determined to be at the action end and get involved. I’m gonna hit that gas!”




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  1. LittleJennie

    Dan, I’m welling up. Massive congrats. Good luck to you and Caroline and your bump.

  2. Congratulations Dan. I think you will be a fab dad. Good luck to you and Caroline. I’m looking forward to bump updates :)

  3. Lindsey Massie

    Great blog Dan! How lucky is Baby Marshall to have you two as parents :) xx

  4. Andrea Carroll

    Yeah Great Blog Dan massive congrats to you both, will we be seeing Baby Marshall Testing The Kiddicare products? or perhaps being the future “face of Kiddicare” ? Just a thought it’s always good to get feed back you can trust :D

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