#WIDN – 14 months old

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My son Sam is 14 months old and every day is a new and exciting adventure. Since Sam turned 1 he hasn’t stopped! You can see the little wheels turning as he learns new skills and puts them to use. It’s so wonderful to watch him change and develop. My little baby is being replaced by a chatty, active toddler!

I’d love to share a day in the life of Sam at 14 months. Here is our #WIDN:

1) Sam has recently discovered the joy of everyday items. We now call the kitchen cabinet “Bang Bang”. Sam takes pretty much everything out of the cupboard, throws them on the floor, makes a lot of noise and has a brilliant time. I wait to tidy it up until he leaves the kitchen which requires considerable restraint on my part. Who knew pots and pans could be so entertaining!


2) Eating is a wonderful adventure for Sam! We are so fortunate that he loves his food. Virtually everything that is placed in front of him is snapped up quickly. We do have to keep an eye on him though as he likes to shove everything in his mouth at once. Sam has sussed sippy cups without difficulty but prefers water bottles to drink from. This is quite handy when out and about. Sam’s favourite foods?: peas, Pom bears, ice cream, Frubes yoghurt, bananas, grapes, fish, pasta.


3) Sam loves role playing. One of his joint Christmas presents with his older sister Ella, was a play kitchen. Sam loves to stand at the kitchen stove and stir up some meals. He’s also highly accomplished at dumping everything out of its place much to his sister’s dismay. Sam really enjoyed the doctor kit that his Grandpa & Nanna in the US sent him. He immediately wanted the stethoscope put around his neck and walked around proudly for some time.


4) One of Sam’s favourite things in the house is the vacuum cleaner! When he was an infant, the sound of the vacuum put him to sleep. Now Sam trails me around the house whenever I vacuum, frequently stopping me to rest his hands on the vacuum and laugh. It was only natural, then, to pull out sister Ella’s toy vacuum so that Sam could play along too. I’ll keep cultivating this love of housework I think!


Stay tuned in the coming months for more interesting developments from Sam.


Nothing beats playtime and we have toys galore! From bouncers, rockers and swings to those all important educational toys and even toys for bath time!

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