Booby traps

Booby Traps: The Truth Behind Breastfeeding Myths

The Perfect Pair – our formidable duo of breastfeeding peer supporters – dispel common myths breastfeeding myths.

Myth: Breastfeeding make your boobs saggy.
Fact: Not true. When pregnant your hormones cause permanent changes to your breasts. If anything breastfeeding keeps them looking fuller for longer.

Myth: Yikes! Breastfeeding in public. Quick, don’t look… Oh I looked!
Fact: Let me – Vikki – share my own experiences with you here: I fed my baby daughter on a bus, in the park, at the zoo whilst celebrating my son’s birthday, at the local soft play centre, on a beach, in a variety of high street retailers, stood up eating a burger at a bbq, in a pub…. no I am not superwoman, but as I say to my friends “have boobs, will travel”. Once I had the latch sorted and figured out comfy ways to feed – both stood up, sat down, laying down and wearing a sling – then all I had to do was leave the compounds of my secure little bubble. I embraced the layered look and used the top up / vest down fashion combo. To be honest my crying hungry baby was more of a concern than anyone getting a sneaky peek at my boobs.

Don’t be afraid to feed in public. You will probably find that people are more positive about it than you realise, and it is your own nerves than make you understandably sensitive. To quote Sarah: “chin up, boobs forward”. (Sarah: too right!)

Equally it’s OK if you DON’T want to feed in public, no one will judge you, feeding in private is perfectly alright – many mums struggle with all sorts of things and what works for one mum won’t always work for another. If you don’t want to sit on a bench or use a nursing scarf, you don’t have to. You can feed your baby wherever YOU want. It really is OK.

For your enjoyment we present a selection of photos from our feeding days – showing you that you can feed in a sling, whilst distracting your toddler, when at a wedding and whilst taking a break from cycling with your family! Crack on!

Vikki & Sarah feeding

Myth: Breastfed babies are more clingy.
Fact: Not true. Evidence suggests that breastfed babies are secure and content. A breastfed baby generally has more control over the frequency and volume of the milk it consumes, happy in the knowledge that Mummy has his next feed warm and safe, baby can wander to his heart’s content.

Myth: It’s not necessary to nurse past one year because breast milk loses its nutritional value.
Fact: Not true. Not even a little bit true. Actually the opposite is true! Breast milk changes and adjusts as your baby grows. Your amazing boobs condense the nutritional properties of your milk and the immune benefits into the amount of milk you make, which means that even one feed a day (when on solids) is enough to supplement all of your babies additional needs.

Myth: Boobs have to be ample and pert to breastfeed.
Fact: Not true. Ample, pointy, perky, expensive or droopy (Snow White and her lactating dwarves?!) – the shape and size are completely irrelevant. Successful breastfeeding is all about positioning baby to latch around the areola with the nipple in the mouth itself.

Tell us, do you have any booby traps or any positive feeding in public stories that you want to share? We’d love to hear them!

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