Lace crowns ta dah!

Let’s Make… A Lace Crown

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Hurrah! Prince George of Cambridge is here at last! But it isn’t just royal babies that deserve a crown – every little prince (and princess) should have one too. Got a spare couple of hours and some pretty lace? Great. Let’s do it!

You’ll need:

  • peaked lace
  • fabric stiffener
  • tape measure
  • needle and thread (or glue if you prefer)
  • shallow bowl
  • gloves
  • paper clip or peg
  • round container
  • baking paper
  • newspaper to protect your work surface
Lace crowns step 1

Step 1
Measure your little one’s head with a tape measure and find a suitable round container that’s roughly the same size. Cut the lace to that size.

Lace crowns step 2

Step 2
Wrap the round container in baking paper. We used a glass storage jar but a coffee tin will work well too.

Lace crowns step 3

Step 3
Pop on your gloves and pour a liberal amount of fabric stiffener into a shallow bowl.

Lace crowns step 4

Step 4
Put the lace into the shallow bowl and cover entirely in fabric stiffener. Once it’s covered, get rid of any excess stiffener by squeezing.

Lace crowns step 5

Step 5
Wrap lace around the round container and fix with a paper clip or peg. Leave to dry.

Lace crowns step 6

Step 6
Once it’s dry, peel from the round container and secure the ends together. We sewed the ends together but you can also glue them.

Lace crowns step 7

Step 7
Embellish your crown with decorative loveliness. We kept it simple and made one with white lace and sprayed another with gold spray paint. Feeling creative? Try decorating with feathers, glitter, gemstones, buttons or felt.

Lace crowns ta dah!

We’d love to see what you create. Do share!

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