Britax B Motion

Let’s Review… Britax B-Motion Pushchair

I’m a self-confessed pushchair addict. I’ve had a total of nine pushchairs (eight more than my husband would like me to have) and I can tell you the brand, make and colour of every one of them and what I did and didn’t like about them. I love pushchairs that are easy to put together, easy to push, fold and easy to store. That is why I completely fell in love with the Britax B Motion.

When the box arrived, I was a bit dubious as it wasn’t as large as I had expected and I really hoped that this didn’t meant that I would be putting lots of different parts together. Thankfully setting it up was really easy. All you have to do is put on the wheels and snap on the hood.

Britax B Motion - out of Box

The pushchair itself is really spacious. It has a 5 point harness and lies completely flat, so can be used for a newborn. It’s easy to sit the seat upright, with a little pull cord at the back of the seat. The hood is really large, which I love, as it means that in the warmer weather little ones are well protected rather well. There is also a little peep pocket on the hood so you can look in and see baby below.

The handle of the pushchair is adjustable which is really useful as I am on the short side, whereas my husband is over 6ft tall, so it’s good to be able to have the handle and different heights depending on who is pushing. It’s easily adjusted by pressing a button either side of the handle.

Zachary in the Britax B Motion

The Britax B Motion has rear suspension and air-filled rubber tyres which makes the ride quite sturdy for 9 month old baby Zachary (above) and not as bumpy when going over rough terrain. It also has a bumper bar which fits across the pushchair. This can be swapped for a play tray which is great for an older baby or toddler.

Collapsing the pushchair can be a little tricky. Britax claim that it is a “one-handed pull fold mechanism”; unfortunately I didn’t find this to be so. To fold it, there is a discreet, small button on the side of the chassis. This has to be pulled up and pushed in; whilst at the same time you are holding on to a little handle in the seat to keep control as it will snap together pretty quickly. I also found that to open it, I had to lay it flat on the floor to release the clip to allow me to flip it open. This isn’t ideal if the floor is rather wet or muddy. The basket is also smaller than I would normally prefer, but is rather adequate.

Overall, I do actually really love the Britax B Motion. It’s light and easy to push one handed. It has swivel front wheels that are easily lockable and it comes with a rain cover, rather than having to buy separately. It also comes with detachable Click & Go adaptors which fit the BabySafe infant carrier, sleeper or carrycot on to the chassis creating a travel system. As well as being suitable for children up to 17kgs in weight!

Britax B Motion flat in boot

I also find that as the Britax B Motion does fold up rather small, that it would easily fit in most car boots. We have a 7 seat car, but we always have one of the seats in the back up for our eldest, and we find most conventional umbrella strollers will simply not fit in the car as they are too long. With the Britax B Motion, we found that it would fit both lying flat folded, or on its side folded with ease. The price of the Britax B Motion is relatively good, especially if you are looking for a pushchair that will take you from birth all the way up until a pushchair is no longer needed. If you are looking for that one fits all pushchair, then a Britax B Motion is definitely worth a consideration.

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