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Hello I’m Weaver February, a bear with an appetite for adventure. I am a Kiddicare Baby Weavers Patch Bear, belonging to a group of lovely ladies and their babies from a February 2013 birth group.

I started my travels back in April, I left home in the West Midlands to head off on my big adventure around the UK and across the seas.


Emma, the lady who thought up the idea about my travels, wanted to create a project that would keep the birth group together. These ladies have all been pregnant together, shared their labour stories and late night/early morning chats when their little ones were up feeding. The ladies wanted to secure the longevity of friendships already made, and so I was donated byKiddicare to travel the world visiting the ladies and babies of the group.

I’ve had a fantastic time so far, visiting 11 families from all over the United Kingdom. I’ve been up north to Darlington and as far south as The Lizard and have plans to travel to Wales and Scotland in the near future.


More recently I’ve crossed the Irish Sea in a big aeroplane to visit Belfast, and as some of the ladies from the group live abroad in places such as Dubai, Switzerland, France and Australia, I’ve packed my sun cream and swim shorts on the promise of some foreign sunshine.

My travels are shared among the group with a daily diary and I love to take photographs of my adventures. I’ve been special guest at a number of barbeques, have had lessons in history when visiting old castles and I’ve even been on a boat to look at how lobster is caught out at sea!


My adventures are going to take a while as there are quite a few families to visit, but that’s the exciting part as each family will be taking me on different adventures and I can’t wait!
Weaver x

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