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Baby baby! Your stories

Maybe just one more baby?

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of being a Mummy, of having children of my own.  I have always said that I was born to be a Mum (when the time was right). Now I am a Mum and step-mum, I have a 10 year old stepson and a daughter and son of my own but yet still I keep asking myself (and Hubby) “maybe one more?”.

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Date night Love this

Do you do ‘Date Night’?

I often see friends on Facebook or Twitter mentioning date nights with their other halves.  Some go out for dinner and drinks and some stay in and have a movie night. It has made me realise that me and OH really need to start making some time for us. Read more

Longest labour ever Your stories

The longest labour ever

My experience with the birth of my first son was a breeze, not requiring any pain relief and only needing ventouse assistance for the final push to get him out. My second birth experience was very different, but still positive. This is how it went…

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Dad is not a second class citizen Your stories

Dad is not a second class citizen

It’s our pleasure to bring you this guest post from John Adams, author of John is married, has two young daughters and, in this blog post, outlines some of the barriers men face as parents.  Read more

Moving house Your stories

Moving house with tiny people in tow

Moving house at any time is always stressful; with small children in tow it’s triple the mayhem. We recently moved home with our 2 year old toddler & new baby; and it was certainly what I’d call a trying experience!

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Baby yoga part 1 Know-how

Baby yoga masterclass part 1

Baby yoga isn’t about bending your baby into all sorts of funny knots, it’s about encouraging healthy brain development, co-ordination and relaxation. Each week at my baby yoga classes at Kiddicare Nottingham I have the pleasure of seeing baby and parent enjoy each other’s company through yoga, so I’d love to share two really fun baby yoga postures with you.

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Bucket List Your stories

Summer bucket list 2013

I am one of those annoying women you see on Pinterest or Facebook going on about their Summer bucket list. We did it last year and it was awesome. This year I tried to keep it quiet simple with a nice mix of free activities and ‘out of the house exciting’ ones.
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Tips for great holiday photos Know-how

Top tips for taking brilliant holiday snaps of your little ones

Holidays are a great time for capturing memories, here’s how to make sure your snaps are truly album-worthy.

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The Perfect Pair's shopping list Help me choose

The Perfect Pair’s breastfeeding shopping list

We LOVE shopping! There is little we haven’t bought, tried, tested and probably binned. But what do you actually need for successful breastfeeding? After all, have boobs… will travel…

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Hi de hi Love this

Kiddicare goes to Camp Bestival!

Daddy G, our senior designer and expectant first time dad, headed to Lulworth Castle for a family festival knees up. Here’s what he thought…

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