Baby yoga part 1

Baby Yoga Masterclass: Part 1

Baby yoga isn’t about bending your baby into all sorts of funny knots, it’s about encouraging healthy brain development, co-ordination and relaxation. Each week at my baby yoga classes at Kiddicare Nottingham I have the pleasure of seeing baby and parent enjoy each other’s company through yoga, so I’d love to share two really fun baby yoga postures with you.

Ideally song is used in all baby yoga postures to help engage your baby. I’ve suggested some songs below but feel free to make up your own song or sing something that’s more familiar to you and your baby. Choose a time when you’re both relaxed and there are no distractions, maybe before or after a bath, after baby’s daytime nap or an hour after feeding. This sequence is suitable for babies from 12 weeks that have cleared their pediatric check up, have full head control and have no medical or physical health issues.

Rock the boat

A gentle calming move to use when you want to sit down with your baby but they want some movement. May also help settle a tired or fussy baby when sung with a gentle lullaby.

Rock the boat
  • Sit on the floor with your soles of your feet together, use a cushion to sit on if this is more comfortable.
  • Place baby inside your legs so they are also sitting with their soles of the feet together and your legs will act as a support for baby.
  • Hold your baby around the torso and then gently rock from side to side singing Row Row Row your Boat or Rock A Bye Baby Rock as long as you and your baby feel comfortable.


If you have had a Caesarian or have any spinal injuries, aches or pains please ensure you get permission from your doctor before practicing this posture. This is a more dynamic posture, one that’s great fun and a good workout for your arm muscles too! The Rocket teaches your baby about co-ordination, balance and body control. This posture MUST be practiced on the floor and not on a higher surface such as a bed.

  • Sit on the floor with your knees bent up and feet flat on the floor.
  • Now place your baby in a sitting position on your belly – hold onto your baby securely (ideally just under the arms)
  • Lower your head and upper body onto the floor, leaving your feet and legs in the same bent position.
  • Keep your head on the floor while you raise your hips off the floor into the air, then gently release your hips back down to the floor.
  • Repeat this up and down movement while you sing the song “zoom zoom zoom we’re going to the moon, zoom zoom zoom we’ll get there very soon…5…4…3…2…1”
  • Then holding your baby securely lift baby up to fly… “Blast Off”!
  • Bring baby back down to sitting on your tummy and repeat 2-3 times
  • To come out of this posture hold baby securely and roll up to sitting (if your tummy muscles are not yet back to strength, get someone to help lift baby off while you roll to the side to sit back up).
  • You can then finish the baby yoga with a little relaxation by lying on your back with your baby lying between your legs so you can feel baby and baby can feel you. Close your eyes if you want and be aware of how you are breathing.

When you’ve finished a yoga session a cuddle with a blanket is always lovely. Or wear your baby in a carrier or sling for that extra special closeness and bonding.

Why not give these two baby yoga postures a try?! If you both enjoy it part 2 of this baby yoga masterclass will be out soon. And don’t miss my post on baby massage. For more advice visit Sole Nutrition.

A gentle disclaimer: baby yoga is in no way a substitute for medical advice/treatment. Always seek medical advice if you are worried about your baby’s health and only practice baby yoga if you have been given permission from your GP.