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Do You Do ‘Parent Date Night’?

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I often see friends on Facebook or Twitter mentioning parent date nights with their other halves.  Some go out for dinner and drinks and some stay in and have a movie night. It has made me realise that me and OH really need to start making some time for us.

Carol and OH

I kick myself at all the opportunities we had when we just had the one child to go out together. BG spends Friday nights at her grandparents so we could have had date nights but we didn’t really make the effort. Now that we have two children opportunities are less and less.

However when BG starts school in September she is going to have Little Miss on a Friday and then pick BG up from school and have them both over night! I have spoken to OH about having regular date nights and he agrees with me that it’s time for some proper ‘us time’.

Of course the next question is what do we do. Do we go out or stay in? Do we have a date night every week or fortnightly or even monthly?

As usual I turned to my Facebook and Twitter friends and asked them: Talk to me about Date Nights. Do you have them? What do you? Are they essential? How often do you have them?

Pippa Dawn Wright    

Yes, we have them.
  For us as adults they can be as simple as watching a TV programme together and sharing a packet of crisps with dip or as detailed as making a meal and being alone together (detailed as in having to arrange childcare, and time to be together without work interrupting and arranging an activity).
For us as a family we have them. Spending time together either one on one (parent to child) or as a group date (basically some detailed family time) and they are normally fairly simple. Going to get ice cream together. Taking a walk together etc.   We have them at least once a week (so twice a week then lol) and I say they are essential.

Yes we are parents but we are also husband and wives, partners, friends and we need to remember that we were that before we were also parents and that as much as being a parent is part of who we are so is the friendship and partner and lover aspect of it all.   In a few years our children will leave home and then we’ll be together alone. Whilst we’ve been taking care of our family we may have grown and changed and we need to do that together.
Vicky-Louise Smith

Me and Howard have them. Not as often as we would like but struggle to both be off work at the same time. We generally either go out for a drink or for dinner and if we have an empty house we cook at home. We have some specific dates in the diary over the next few months where we plan to go away just us and some dinner dates x
Antonia Chitty

We do date nights, but they’re a bit intermittent depending on what else is going on at the weekend – for us it is Saturday night, usually, and we pick a restaurant where we wouldn’t take the children! We also do ‘date lunches’ if we can fit them in. Last week DH had the day off for D’s leavers assembly, so he and I went and had a good lunch afterwards. Over the summer we might get the babysitter to look after the kids one lunchtime and do the same: there’s a nice relaxed feeling about going out at lunchtime.
Emma Brooks

We have them at least once a month. It depends on how much money we have as to what we do. Some months it’s a movie and special dinner in front of the TV and others we have a full blown night out. I don’t mind which but find the time essential  xx
Naomi Johnson

We try to do them once a month at least, dinner and drinks normally. Just time away from the house to chill out and talk and have someone else cook. If we can’t manage that then normally a take-away and a film xx
Ellie Crisp-McNeil

We have one tomorrow – hooray. Nipping down to Regents Park to watch outdoor theatre production of “Pride and Prejudice”. Can’t wait!
Rachel Gully

No – don’t have anyone for childcare. Last time we went out together was Dec 2011
This Mummy

We don’t have childcare so have date nights at home L x

I think we have been missing out!!! I think we will start slow and try for an at home Date Night with a movie and a nice meal and then once both children are staying at nana’s we will try for a monthly night out. But first I need to invest in a travel cot!

Do you have date nights? What do you do? I would love to know. What’s changed for you since having kids?

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  1. Hubs and I used to have date nights regularly, but since our little dude arrived (who’s nearly 2) opportunities have been scarce.
    Would love some quality time with hubs, think I need to bring date nights back! x


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