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Summer Bucket List: 2013

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I am one of those annoying women you see on Pinterest or Facebook going on about their Summer bucket list. We did it last year and it was awesome. This year I tried to keep it quiet simple with a nice mix of free activities and ‘out of the house exciting’ ones.

So far this year we’ve played with bubbles, picked strawberries, had pyjama fun day, eaten watermelon, had a picnic, turned the garden into a water park, used pavement chalk, visited a stone circle and played in the summer rain.

And if that wasn’t enough we still get to, visit a forest, a beach, have a lounge blanket fort camp out, visit the library and a whole bunch of other things too!

If I could go back and have a chat with the me that compiled the bucket list back in May I’d tell her to, ‘just calm down. The kids will be just as happy with, ‘trip to the park’ as a trip to an expensive venue. Also plan in more home based activities or have you forgotten that you suffer from anxiety, you crazy loon?!’

I would also probably add a few super simple activity toys, playing in the sandpit, building a robot out of things you find in the recycling box, trying three new foods and going on a nature walk.

The best things about doing a bucket list is that the kids get really excited and are far more likely to have a go or play along. Also it means that when I’m sitting there wondering how on earth to entertain the troops tomorrow I can pick an activity from the list.

Are you doing a summer bucket list this year, and if not what would you put on yours if you had to write one now?

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  1. This is great! I definitely want to do a summer bucket list next year. It will be Georgie’s last summer before starting pre-school so I want to really enjoy those last few months with both my girls together.

    My bucket this year would have just said MOVING HOUSE WITH BABY & TODDLER on it!

    Zoe Corkhill (Mama Geek)
  2. Good luck with the move Zoe and thank you for the blog post – due to go live next week, will send the link. Vicky x

  3. Looks like you’ve had oodles of fun Em!
    My two are desperate to go on a train. I keep saying I’ll take them on one, I live directly opposite a train station so don’t really have an excuse not to, but I suffer with anxiety too and the idea petrifies me. Still, one for the bucket list I reckon – wish me luck! x

    Rachael B
  4. I am with you Rachael, my two would love riding a train but I couldn’t do it without Jon there too for moral support, trains are far too busy and unpredictable for my anxiety not to tweek! Good luck with doing it with your kiddos x

    Em @ snowingindoors

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