The Perfect Pair's shopping list

The Perfect Pair’s Breastfeeding Shopping List

We LOVE shopping! There is little we haven’t bought, tried, tested and probably binned. But what do you actually need for successful breastfeeding? After all, have boobs… will travel…

Well. Your perfect newborn doesn’t need anything more than your perfect boobs, but you on the other hand may want to invest in some paraphernalia. Or not!

Let’s get real, what are the merits of these items? Do we actually need to splash our cash?

Breast pumps Expressing breast milk for your baby is a perfect way to store your milk for later feeds when you might not be available, but when you want to keep giving your baby breast milk. You can of course, express milk by hand, but breast pumps are a ‘handy’ way of making the process easier and they come in a variety of makes. They are manual (you squeeze the pump yourself) or they are electric (the pump is rhythmically squeezed for you.) Either way, you need a sterile container to store the milk in and again, there are a multitude of storage products available – we like sterile milk storage bags, handy, quick, and easy to replace.

Breast pads It’s true, you may need breast pads for those days when you’re on fine form and creating an amazing amount of milk. Some women (myself – Sarah – included) never leak a drop of the pale nectar and don’t need pads but others have fountains spouting. If you decide pads are for you, you can choose disposable pads (my preference – Vikki) or washable pads. The choice is down to you.

Nipple cream We are massive advocates of Lansinoh nipple cream, it is a-maz-ing! (Fact fans! Breast milk will do the same job so cream up!)

Bottles and teats Again there’s a huge array of bottles and teats for feeding your baby, and the choice is personal to you. We like the MAM bottles at the moment, they are anti-colic and self-sterilising. Yes! Totally genius! The clean and washed bottle can be unscrewed and re-screwed in a specific way to create its own sterilising environment for the teat, pop it in the microwave and 3 minutes later… well, let’s just say that Roberts’ your mothers brother! Some babies don’t like bottles, and if you can’t convince your baby that a bottle is a good idea, then you could try warm milk in a doidy cup – these are little cups with an angle but they’re also a bit like Marmite in that some love them, some don’t.

Sterilisers If you have a breast pump, regardless of bottles, you will need a steriliser. It’s hugely important to keep all of the expressing and feeding equipment sparkly clean. You can get kitchen top versions that plug into the wall and microwave variants that do the same job. Or there are cold water sterilising options. Again it’s your choice!

Nursing pillows and nursing chairs Not must haves, but they are nice if you can! A nursing pillow is generally half moon shaped, designed to go round your middle and keep baby snug to your boobs whilst you feed. A nursing chair can be any chair that you nurse in, cuddle baby in, do Sudoko in… they glide or rock and come with a comfy foot stool.