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3 Questions to Ask When Buying Safety Gates

So baby’s on the move and keen to explore? Exciting times! Now we don’t sell spare sets of eyes for the back of your head, but we do stock an excellent range of safety gates. Here’s the need-to-know.

OK then, let’s pinpoint the three must-ask questions when you’re in the market for safety gates:

1. What are my options?

There are two main styles of gate plus a wide range of colour and material options:

Pressure fit gates have suction cups to hold them into position, just the job if you want to avoid drilling holes as you won’t need any screws. This is the ideal choice if you need to frequently move a safety gate to different locations. Just be sure to check it regularly (ideally daily) to be sure it’s securely fitted.

Fixed fit or wall mounted gates are secured to the wall with a drill and screws. Recommended at the top of the stairs for maximum security and strength, wall mounted gates have no bottom support rail – a feature of pressure fit gates – which can be a potential trip hazard.

2. Which features are available? 

Once you’ve decided whether pressure fit or wall mounted gates are for you, let’s look at some of the different features:

Alarmed pressure fit gate: for optimum peace of mind an alarm sounds if the gate is left open or installed incorrectly.

Auto-close pressure fit gate: another reassuring feature – the gate automatically closes behind you whenever you go through it.

Fabric gate: a lightweight, folding or horizontal-rolling alternative to traditional safety gates. Perfect for holidays or visiting granny and grandad.

One-handed functionality: really useful if you’re carrying your little one.

3. Do I need gate extensions to fill the space?

Stairways and doorways come in all shapes and sizes so measure (and measure again) every opening where you want to use a safety gate. Consider the doors of your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom as well as the stairs (remember the top AND bottom!) When you’re measuring up do be sure to allow for skirting board width.

Some safety gates are extendible while other models have separate extension kits. Sizes vary from 75-81cm, 72-92cm and 67-105cm as examples. They fit easily into the end of the existing gate for the perfect fit.

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