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I can’t believe it’s already September! It’s been such a busy time. One of the highlights was being featured on ITV’s Tonight talking about the royal baby and how his birth will affect the baby industry – a programme that Kiddicare was also featured in!


The birth of Prince George will have a massive impact, not only for the baby industry but for babies born around this time. I’ve been following the news avidly and have already seen so many comments about what car seat Kate and William used, the muslin they chose and how they strapped him in.


The school holidays are nearly finished and I felt really guilty sending Sam and Lily to the childminder. They do love it there and we did do lots of nice things together over the holidays but I do feel a little bad when I see so many pictures of other people’s little ones on holiday/days out on Facebook. It has been a juggling act over the holidays, things quieten down to an extent so I can take three weekdays off to have with them but often this means I’ll have extra to do in the evening.


Lily starts pre-school on Thursday. She absolutely loved it when we went to visit. My baby has turned into a confident little girl, I am so proud of her. We bought her uniform at the weekend, a tiny grey skirt, blue cardy and long grey socks. She was admiring herself in the mirror, super cute!! Sam is looking forward to going back to school as well, I think the routine will do us all good.


I have been working on another new product, I had the idea for it a few weeks ago and was so excited that I had to get started with it straight away. A local seamstresses is helping me make the first sample and then I am going to start testing it. This is a product for a mama and baby, but I can’t say more than that yet! My plan is to get 100 mama’s involved with this project at every stage, including production, focus groups for research, testing. Once I have a fully working sample I will need to get my factory in Turkey to make one for me. Then I can start to show buyers including those at Kiddicare.


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