The First Time I Met my Brother

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The moment your children meet each other for the very first time has to be right up there in the ‘Things you’ll never forget’ category. Mummy of two Chloe shares some of the magical moments she has captured on camera since welcoming her second son into the world.


I will always remember how grown up Arlo seemed sitting with me on the hospital bed. How articulate he was about his fun stay at Grandma’s house. The shy smile for his new brother.


Introducing a new sibling is a special time, and an emotional one for us parents.You hope that they will adjust easily, but you remind yourself not to feel too disheartened if the older sibling is not full of love for their new brother or sister straight away. Their bond will grow through shared experiences as time goes on. Here are some of the special moments Arlo has shared with his new brother Rory over the past three months since his birth.


Arlo is a toddler, so of course there are moments when it’s not all love and kisses between siblings. But I’m so proud of the way in which he adapted to his new role as big brother as if it were the most natural thing in the world.


He is very affectionate with his little brother, and he loves having him around – despite Rory being pretty boring for a toddler at the moment. Arlo can’t wait until Rory is old enough to play with him. I’m really looking forward to watching their sibling relationship develop before my eyes as they grow older. ”


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