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Let’s make… cress heads

We love this for an easy indoor growing project. Kids learn the essentials of watering plants and are rewarded with speedy growing cress heads. And a yummy filling for an egg sandwich.


You’ll need:

  • eggs
  • cress seeds
  • paper towels
  • cotton wool balls
  • a cup of water
  • felt tips, stickers, paints or whatever you like to decorate your cress head faces with


Step 1

Break the top off of your eggs and pour out the inside. We saved the eggs to make a yummy cake with.


Step 2 

Carefully rinse the eggs and place back into their egg box.


Step 3

Take a piece of paper towel and fold into a small square.


Step 4

Dampen paper towel.


Step 5

Squeeze off excess water.


Step 6

Place paper towel in one of the eggs so it lines the bottom of the egg and repeat for all eggs.


Step 7

Dampen cotton wool ball.


Step 8

Place cotton wool ball on top of the paper towel in the egg.


Step 9

The fun bit! Sprinkle cress seeds liberally onto the cotton wool.


Step 10

Pat the seeds down onto the cotton with a finger.


Step 11

Decorate your eggs with faces. We just used a felt pen but you could use stickers, paints and glitter.


Step 12

Watch their hair grow. Don’t forget to water them a little every day.


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