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Let’s review… Babylo childen’s garden slide

Toy slides can be a bit up and down so we asked mummy blogger Kara, of Innocent Charms Chats fame, to put the Babylo Children’s Slide through its paces.


Kara tells us: Outdoor toys are becoming a huge love in our house now we have a garden. There are so many toys on the market and so many choices of each type.


Slides are definitely a firm favourite in our family. You will even find the Husband and I having a cheeky slide when at the park (protecting the kids, of course).


So when the box arrived containing the Babylo Children’s Slide, Addison let out a HUGE squeal! She was over the moon and repeatedly shouted “Slide! Slide!” at the top of her voice.


Thankfully, the slide comes in just four separate pieces and it’s simply a case of bolting it (plastic bolts) together – no tools needed. That’s a win for Daddy and a very inpatient Addison! Once built, the slide is easy to fold away; just push the pins out a little and the slide closes in on itself for easy storage. I love this feature as we only have a small plastic outside storage box for the kids’ toys, so it takes up little space.


The slide is aimed at children 2 years + but, to be honest, any sensible 18-month-old could easily enjoy it. Addison (2) and Grayson (4) both love and easily fit on the slide.


Thankfully, due to the size of the slide, it can be used indoors or outdoors, which we were hugely pleased about as the day it arrived was a typically rainy British summer day. I also think this is great as it will allow Addison to burn energy all year round, no matter the weather.

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The slide is wider than most slides of this size range, which I really like as it gives room for the kids to grow with the slide. It is also a little longer, too, so all round you are getting a better slide for your money – which, at present, is a total bargain of £24.99 on Kiddicare’s website (a £5.00 saving from the RRP).


Lastly, as any parent knows, you are always looking at the possible safety issues in all items you buy – especially when you have babies who will soon be crawling! This slide has NO sharp edges. All the pieces have been rounded off in a smooth plastic, so no worries about nasty injuries to little fingers. The structure of the slide is also very durable and strong. I have even had a cheeky sit on the slide and it held my very heavy frame.


All in all we love this slide and think it is incredible value for money, as it’s an all-round toy – not just for summer. With its bright primary colours it is ideal for a boy or girl and both of ours are over the moon to have such a “fun slide”, as Addison says.


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