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We review The Expectant Dad’s Handbook

The Expectant Dad’s Handbook is the new parenting manual written by Dean Beaumont, founder of DaddyNatal. It’s selling out a storm on Amazon. Our man Dan takes a closer look…


Dan is expecting his first baby this year and writes: “As a dad to be I’ll be totally honest and admit this whole baby thing is a massive learning curve for me. With that in mind I jumped at the chance of reading this book and understanding more about my role as ‘dad’.


So what did I learn? Loads! Importantly what my role as a dad-to-be actually means and specifically how I can support Caroline throughout the pregnancy and when our baby arrives. The book is split into 3 key sections: Pregnancy, Labour & Birth and Life after Birth. Each one is incredibly insightful and is broken down into digestible sections meaning you take all the content in – there’s practical tips on everything from swaddling to nappy changing as well as tips on how to be emotionally supportive. I’m not a great book lover but found this an easy read. My wife got continually frustrated with me saying ‘did you know this Caroline?’ whilst I read the book.


Would I recommend this book to fellow dad’s to be? Absolutely. If you really want to support your partner through there pregnancy, this book will certainly help you do so. There’s no need to fear what others will think whilst you’re reading the book. My copy made it out to Greece with me and Caroline and 5 other couples for our last holiday together before Baby Marshall arrives. The lads cracked a few jokes on my choice of book but at the end of the day I’ll be a dad in less than 3 months so I want to know as much as I possibly can to help my wife.

Dan reads The Expectant Dad's Handbook

Dan relaxes poolside with The Expectant Dad’s Handbook


What’s next? Well given all the insight I gave Caroline whilst reading the book, she’s now decided she wants to read it. I think she’ll get a lot from it. I’m also going to try and attend one of Dean’s Daddy natal classes. One of the team here has been (Daddy G – read his blog stories here) and said it was really insightful and great to be with likeminded dads to be.


My next book? I think I’ll got back to the iPad for a while. The transfer window has just passed and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!”


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  1. susan walsh

    would love this for my son …as he,s just told me I,m going to be a Grandma:)

  2. I need this book so I can get any information with what I need to do or to expect when the baby arrives. I’m assuming baby is potty trained from day one.

  3. Kirsten Murphy

    This would be perfect for my son who becomes a dad in February. He is so excited and desperate to make everything perfect for my daughter-in-law but has been complaining everything is aimed at expectant mums.

  4. Greg McDonald

    I need this book because my girlfriend is due in December & basically I haven’t got a clue what I should be doing to help.

  5. Dominika Goralska

    Because my Dan is do excited and can not wait till December and he’s reading everything he can to make sure he’s great support :)

  6. Sophie

    I would love to win this book for my partner because I would like him to be more educated by someone who has been through the experience themself’s, were a young couple and would find the book very helpful. I would like him to understand what’s going on more and I’m worried he won’t help that much in all honesty and I think this book will change his views. Hope I win :) ! X

  7. caroline martin

    To help prepare my brother for his first baby

  8. jill Fitzgerald

    My husband does not have a clue what to expect and keeps saying how hard can it be.

  9. Gavin Jacobsen

    I definitely NEED this book – My partner and I are expecting our first this December! Going to be so exciting and life changing… I need all the information I can get!

  10. Jonathan Armstrong

    I need this as the adjustment to fatherhood from a male perspective I found very hard, and struggle from being relatively carefree to having this little bundle that relies on the both of you was somewhat overwhelming for me.

  11. Anastasija Cariova

    HI! As it is our first baby, I will really need daddy’s help! The Expectant Dad’s Handbook would make that much easier :) Thank You!

  12. This would help every dad out. But great if I win

  13. Anastasija Cariova

    HI! As it is our first baby, I will really need daddy’s help! The Expectant Dad’s Handbook would make that much easier :) Thank You!

  14. Anthony Graham

    Frankly, panic has set in! Seriously, I want to be able to support my wife as much as possible. After all, she’s doing all the hard work! Hoping this gives me tips I wouldn’t otherwise think of.

  15. Adrian

    I’m going to be a first time dad in November and need all the help I can get.

  16. jodie harvey

    im due in december and would like to give this to my partner as this will be his first baby and hes worried he doesnt know enough x

  17. Will Tunnicliffe

    My daughter-in-law is expecting her 1st baby On New Years Eve so I think her partner could do with all the help he can get so this would be ideal.

  18. I’ve found reading books for dads and dads-to-be really useful in the past and it sounds like DaddyNatal are doing great things to empower and support dads.

  19. siobhan Skinner

    Because daddy is important too

  20. Judy Park

    Dad to be, my son has been surfing his lappy,
    for advice from sleepless nights to crappy nappy.

  21. Richard Wiles

    Our first baby is due in December and currently you could write what I know about labour, childbirth and the first two years of life on the back of a postage stamp. I’ve asked my friends who have children and all I get is a wild-eyed and haunted stare with comments like ‘everything changes’. Not particularly useful. I need a digestible, straightforward guide and I believe I meet all the criteria. I’m expectant. I’m a dad. I have hands and I need a book.

  22. Education Education Education
    Providing dads with a book full of information in one place is what is needed. I’d love a copy to loan out to expectant dads PLEASE x

  23. Siobhan Harding

    I need this book to give to a friend who is expecting his first child – until about 6 months ago he was scared to even hold a baby. Hopefully a book like this will help him feel more confident with his own baby.

  24. David Bergen

    For everything else in my life I have a user manual, my wife is due in February, I desperately need this book!

  25. Gillian Riley

    I beleive this would be perfect reading for my excited husband who always has lots of questions needing answering. We are expecting in February and should read up before our first child arrives.

  26. Kiddicare

    An absolute pleasure reading all these comments. We’re so excited about all these babies on the way! Vicky x

  27. Reena

    This book will be a great present for my baby’s expectant dad to help him get through as much of the unexpectant!!

  28. Alyas Robertson

    Got married and moved into a new home within the space of a weekend earlier in the year, I thought that was scary and exciting, nothing compared to next May now (due date is our 1 year anniversary). I think this book may be what I need to make sure I get there safely!

  29. Robert Howard

    Your blog is great, so I believe your book will be very helpful as well! Our baby is due end of Jan, so still a bit of time to prepare… any help would be great.

  30. Beverley Aspin

    My son is about to be coming a dad for the first time and this will help fill in the gaps where I forgot to tell him or he doesn’t ask.

  31. Susiegee

    Have a Nephew about to become a Dad for the first time;

  32. Daniel

    My wife and I are going to be proud parents for the first time in February. Looking forward to being a dad :-D

  33. Raayin

    I just found out that iam going to be a dad and I am over the moon. I need this book to learn all what I need to know and show my wife how caring n responsible I can be without her telling me what I should

  34. Jenny

    Looks like a great read from the man’s perspective for a change!

  35. Simon

    Because we are due in 16 days! And my wife deserves it…. (Me reading it that is)

  36. Ellie

    I’d love my husband to read this: we’re expecting our first baby and I don’t think he’s got a clue what to expect! Also, I think it would be better for him to find out about the realities ahead by reading a book (especially a book written by a man!), as opposed to me spouting facts and (borderline) nagging for him to take on a more active role!

  37. Rachel Craig

    Dad can do with all the help he can get. Nice to make him feel needed and part of the family from the very start. Children have a special bond with their Dad.

    Preparation for such an important life changing event is welcomed. I’d love to win the book, as it would be so useful.

  38. Vince Scott

    My child will need me and I am sorry to say I will need this book, otherwise my other half will probably make me do all the 3am feed and changes till I learn to do the job properly.

  39. Anneli Toming

    They say some Dad’s are great and supportive throughout the pregnancy, I know mine is, but he is clueless about babycare, please let him have this so I can get some assurance that he can do some things and I will get some sleep when our little one arrives in March 2014

  40. Katie

    My husband is as keen as mustard to be a great Dad! So a few baby/mother handling tips would be very useful… He’s not had any first hand experience of babies. As his close family are back in France (he’s French), I know he would love to feel a bit less exposed than he currently does!

  41. Julie

    My partner and I have very recently decided to try for a family, we’re both a bit older now so need all the help we can get. #couldnotbemorescaredandexcited (as the kids might say).

  42. robert grassick

    babys due date is new years day. I need all the info I can get to keep me up to speed.

  43. Charlotte Ryan

    Absolutely would love this for my friend’s husband, expecting baby no. 1 in February! Whenever he held / looked at my two as babies they cried although weren’t cry-ee babies at all!! He needs all the help he can get!

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