Ask a midwife: common breastfeeding problems

Our friendly midwife and infant feeding specialist Roberta dispenses her words of wisdom on how to cope with common breastfeeding problems.


Struggling with sore or cracked nipples? Breasts feeling engorged? Not sure if you may have blocked ducts or mastitis? Watch this short video for some friendly, reassuring advice from a breastfeeding expert and all round lovely lady.


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  1. Jane Cook

    I have just found out I am expecting baby number 4 in June of next year. I currently have 3 boys aged 3, 2 and 5 months. I wanted to breastfeed all 3 but with my eldest Mark, I didn’t get the advice and support. With Lucas it was just a nightmare as Mark was a jealous 14 month old at the time who would pull Lucas off me when I was trying to feed him. Then came Hayden this year. Well that little monkey had a short tongue and although I attended the drop in clinics at PCH I could only just breastfeed him with nipple shields a couple of times so was resorted to expressing. With a 3 and 2 year old to look after as well it was a non-starter and when my husband went back to work I had to switch to formula. Do you have any advice to feeding this little one when I have other young children to look after? thanks

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