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Inspiration for a Beautiful Baby Nursery

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Our exceptionally stylish friend and blogger Lucy takes us on a tour of her children’s nursery – a beautiful space that works for her three-year old boy and her one-year old girl.

Lucy tells us: We didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl with either pregnancy – that can make decorating a nursery kind of tricky. So we decided to stick with a gender neutral theme that we could adapt once our baby arrived. It’s a pretty good job we did that as before our first baby turned one (the first baby was a boy) we were expecting another (who turned out to be a girl).

I love the children’s room. They both sleep in there and it is very much a shared space. I’ve kept the decor suitable for both of them by making it really personal, filling it with pretty things that have sentimental value. I deliberately avoided themed nursery furniture and soft furnishings, in favour of mixing and matching things.

The room is painted a pale sunshiny yellow, with one white wall, a blue panel painted around the top of the room and all the furniture is white. This really allows the pops of colour to come through. Their soft toys, handmade patchwork quilts and special comforters all shine against the neutral palette.

Inspirational room details

I made framed art works with all their birth details on, which hang next to each other on the wall, alongside some honeycomb ball decorations which we used at my daughter’s recent first birthday party.

Dear Beautiful Nursery 3

The children have a shelf each on opposite walls where there is a collection of all sorts of treasures and mementoes which are specific to them. On my son’s shelf there are framed cards celebrating his birth, photos of him as a baby, his first shoes, his memories book, special soft toys and other trinkets with sentimental value.

Dear Beautiful Nursery 4

And my daughter’s shelf is similar, aside from an obvious colour difference. With her memory box, first party shoes and snow boots, photographs and the finger print guest book from her party all up there on display.

Dear Beautiful Nursery 5

Their bedroom is constantly evolving and changing. I recently added a hoop wall with embroidered art works in varying sizes grouped together; each with a different quote or message on. And every time either of the children has a birthday, new keepsakes get added to the shelves. But that’s the beauty of having a mix and match theme, anything goes, as long as it’s special to us.

Feeling inspired by Lucy’s nursery? Visit for a range of beautiful nursery bedding and nursery furniture. And don’t miss Lucy’s previous post capturing a day in the life of Beautiful Girl aged 5 months.


  1. These are all so adorable. My kids are still quite young and I’m always looking for ideas to make them room fun but not gender specific, as its a boy and a girl. We are should be moving house early next year so it will be fun searching of ideas to make their space fun and livable.


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