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Taking Triplets Swimming

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Kim is mum to three identical 20 month old triplets. In this post she describes how her trio of mischief-making funsters are enjoying testing boundaries, playing together, fighting together and also enjoying the chance to spend some one on one time with Mummy and Daddy.

John and I decided that we wanted to start taking the boys swimming as they love the water, however you have to have one adult per child when you swim at a public pool so it makes it rather tricky for us. So, we decided that we would take the opportunity to start spending some more one on one time with each child and John would take one baby swimming each week. It has worked out really well, the boys are gaining even more water confidence and John gets to enjoy time alone with each of them.

They are all developing their own tastes, which makes one on one time all the more important to encourage their individual interests while also helping them to focus their attention a little better. We don’t need to spend much money doing this, we take them to the library and read books, to the park to feed the ducks or just to the green grocers to pick up fruit and veg. They just love having some physical freedom (because it’s much easier to keep up with one) and having attention solely on them. About a year ago I read an article by Guardian journalist Oliver James called “love bombing” and it made me think about just how important quality individual time with each child will be. The concept for 3 year olds – 11 year olds “entails spending a period of time alone with your child, offering them unlimited love and control”. I won’t waffle on about it, but you can find information about it online and it is well worth a read.

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There are huge benefits to having children the same age, one of which being that they have playmates. They entertain each other, are at the same developmental level and have shared interests, we are very lucky and as time goes on we will continue to reap the benefits of having three children of the same age. Conversely we are also experiencing the mischief that three children can get up to in a matter of seconds! Just the other day I was clearing away their dinner plates while they minced around the living room in their nappies.  “Uh ohhhh” came the corus of little voices. I poked my head around the door to find that Harry had whipped off his nappy and pooed on the carpet whilst the other 2 were trying to hoover it up using my Dyson!! I really didn’t know where to start! Sometimes parenting is disgusting…

Some of the triplet mums on our facebook group have said that 18 months – 3 years was the most challenging time for them, even more so than the newborn stage. I didn’t really understand this until now…we are in the thick of toddlerdom and I am constantly having to think of new ways to entertain them and to keep up with their short attention spans. This morning alone I have had to remove them from the dining room table, stop them from climbing the bookcase, clean up the cat food that Harry tipped over this head and wipe the wall where they decided to create some artwork. I am covered in crayon and am yet to brush my teeth, but I am dressed by 9am so if I achieve nothing else today I will be happy.

I am so glad the summer holidays are over, six weeks of entertaining them with none of our usual play groups has been exhausting. Next week we will be back into our groups and I can once again regain some sanity, whilst the children burn off some energy with their friends! Phew!

Don’t miss Kim’s previous posts for an eye-opening account of bringing up triplets. And if you fancy taking your little fishies swimming you’ll need the essential swim nappies and flotation aids, all available at Kiddicare.

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