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Unsolicited parenting advice Love this

Gems of unsolicited parenting advice

“You don’t want to do it like that…”. Three little words. But oh my, the very definition of Ultimate Wind Up. Feisty blogger and lovely lady Carol dishes the dirt on ‘well meaning’ advice that’s about as welcome as projectile poo.

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6 classic mistakes dads make in the delivery room Love this

3 classic mistakes dads make in the delivery room

Must-read advice from the founder of DaddyNatal on what NOT to say – or do – while your partner is birthing. NB some of these quotes are priceless!


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IMAGE 1 Your stories

Mummy proposed to Daddy Part 2

My name is Munchkin, and a while ago I shared some very exciting news with you here on the Kiddicare Blog. Earlier this year, my mummy asked my daddy to marry her. Not the normal way of doing things, maybe, but it was very special and both me and my little sister, Beastie Boo, were heavily involved in the whole plan!

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Masterclass part 2 Know-how

Baby yoga masterclass part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our Baby Yoga Masterclass, covering arms and legs. Remember, Baby Yoga is about having fun with your baby while encouraging healthy brain development, co-ordination, relaxation and bonding time.

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Dad Love this, Uncategorized

Today’s the day to think of dad

Did you know that November 19 is International Men’s Day? I bet you didn’t. In fact I’ll bet you didn’t even know there was an International Men’s Day (This year’s theme, by the way, is keeping men and boys safe). It is, after all quite low profile compared to International Women’s Day.

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15 ways to make it a budget family Christmas Know-how

15 ways to enjoy a family Christmas on a budget

The festive path is paved with pricey pitfalls. Here’s Becky, our straight-talking finance expert, with advice on keeping a lid on the cost while maxing the fun.


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Why you should talk and sign to your bump Know-how, Uncategorized

Why you should sing to your bump

Want to boost your baby’s speech and language development? Pat your bump, talk to it and sing to it at every opportunity, says Nicola Lathey, leading speech and language specialist and co-author of Small Talk. She explains…

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Tips for expectant dads Love this

Six must-read tips for all expectant dads

Congratulations, you’re going to be a dad. Your life is about to change forever and you’re probably on a steep learning curve. I’ve outlined below a few nuggets that I hope you’ll find useful. It’s not always going to be easy as a parent but it is incredibly rewarding. I wish you, your partner and your offspring the very best of luck!

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Soothe a crying baby

Ask a midwife: how to soothe a crying baby

There’s no getting away from it: babies cry! But deciphering what those cries mean can be a tricky business. Hunger? Pain? Tiredness? Our midwife reveals all.


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ADHD Your stories

Part 1 of a journey into ADHD: the diagnosis

“From the outside my eldest son looks like any other 8 year old boy. What you cannot see are the labels that have been attached to him: Disabled. Special Needs. Autistic.” Over a series of three posts Rachel will be sharing an unflinching journey into ADHD.


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