Unsolicited parenting advice

Gems of Unsolicited Parenting Advice

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“You don’t want to do it like that…”. Three little words. But oh my, the very definition of Ultimate Wind Up. Feisty blogger and lovely lady Carol dishes the dirt on ‘well meaning’ parenting advice that’s about as welcome as projectile poo.

One of the best pieces of parenting advice I was given when pregnant with BG was from my driving instructor. He told me ‘don’t listen to any parenting advice you’re given’. And that’s what I’ve done – I’ve honestly gone out of my way to trust my own instincts and ignore any unwanted/useless parenting advice. I know people mean well but sometimes it feels like they’re saying ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ and ‘I know best!’

My favourites are the ones that try to give advice but try to hide the fact they are doing so:

‘My mum put baby rice in my bottle at 2 months old and it never did me any harm’

‘Are you still sterilising her bottles? I stopped at 3 months; I want to build her immune system up’

‘You’re bottle feeding? You could try and re-lactate’ (My male doctor at my 6 weeks check-up)

‘In my day…….’

‘Would you like me to…..’

It’s not just friends and family that feel it’s their duty to give advice. Oh no! I find strangers like to dish it out as well. They either tell you directly or you can hear them whispering:

‘That child shouldn’t be walking around a supermarket’

‘Look at that cradle cap she wants to pick that off’ (Never pick off cradle cap!)

And my favourite ‘that child needs a smack’. Really!

I wanted to know what unwanted advice my friends had been given so I asked them:

Sleep when the baby does, which is when you’re shopping or driving!! X Kirsty Brown

When my six week old breastfed baby was already sleeping through the night from 11 to 7, some of my mummy friends and a couple of health visitors said I was bad and should be waking her to feed her in the middle of the night. Just jealous, I reckon….For their info and anyone going through similar – she put on weight consistently – and I was well rested & happy x Debbie O’Connor

Random people telling me my baby needs feeding when she is over tired/poorly and has just fed. @lexi_leven

“Are you STILL breastfeeding her?” (She was 12 weeks!)@karamina

Where do you start? Unsolicited advice given on absolutely everything. Grandparents, friends, other parents.GAH. Oh the usual ‘you should be’.. potty training (at 12months), weaning (at 3 months), sleep on their tummies… @pantswithnames

What unwanted, funny, stupid advice have you been given?

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