Mummy Proposed to Daddy: Part 2

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My name is Munchkin, and a while ago I shared some very exciting news with you here on the Kiddicare Blog. Earlier this year, my mummy asked my daddy to marry her. Not the normal way of doing things, maybe, but it was very special and both me and my little sister, Beastie Boo, were heavily involved in the whole plan!


It was time for celebration in our home, as Daddy said yes, and Mummy started to make some initial plans for our big day. We told you how the date for the big day had been set and how Mummy had approached my ‘auntie D’ to ask her to be her Maid of Honour. Venues had been considered and guest lists discussed. Colour schemes had been played with and dresses had been dreamed about!

I was getting so excited to wear a princess dress for the whole day and was working on mummy to agree to a sparkly tiara, too! Saturday 13th September 2014. That is the day that mummy starts to share the same name as me, Daddy and Beastie Boo.

Well… until a little something pops a little spanner in the works…

A few months down the line, Mummy tells me we are taking a trip to the hospital. All of us. Mummy, Daddy and even Beastie Boo. Apparently, Mummy needed to see a doctor for a check-up. I knew nothing more.

Hospitals make me a little nervous. The last time we were in one, Mummy was very, very poorly after Beastie was born. It was a very scary and confusing time, as I didn’t fully understand what was happening, but I knew things weren’t right. With a little reassurance from Mummy and Daddy, we were on our way to the hospital. Cue some restless waiting around, unsure and uncomfortable about what was happening to Mummy behind the door of that treatment room.

After about 30 minutes, we were allowed to see her. As we entered the darkened room, I was presented with a sight that I had never expected …!


OK, so that’ll change some things around! A mix of emotions took over and I didn’t know whether to jump around, singing happy songs, or simply hold on to mummy as tight as I could, to make sure going into hospital didn’t make her poorly again. So I did a little of both. One thing is for sure – I didn’t leave mummy’s side again until we got home! The excitement set in!

Another baby brother or sister?!!!

For me?!!!

(And Beastie, of course!)

This is going to be awesome!!!!

Daddy says that my excitement is purely down to the idea of another minion to add to my little (but growing) army. I have no idea what he means?! They ask me whether I would like a brother or a sister… Well, that’s easy… It has to be a brother. I tried out the sister thing and she takes a lot of my pink stuff! She wears my clothes, she plays with my dolls. Maybe a brother would be different? Surely he wouldn’t be interested in pink? Either way, Christmas 2013 is going to be special!


I am the one responsible for naming this baby ‘Plum’. When this news was revealed to me, Mummy told me that the baby was, at that time, around the size of a plum. The name kind of stuck!

But, hang on a minute …

How about our big day …?

The venues …?

The guests …?

What about my princess dress …?

My tiara …!!!!!!!!

Plum would be 9 months old if we kept the date unchanged. Manageable?? Mummy thinks so. However, she also seems to think that planning a wedding “with three kids” is possibly a challenge that can be avoided. A challenge!? Where’s the challenge? So what has Plum done to our wedding plans? Postponed them, that’s all. Mummy and Daddy are looking at 2015 instead, giving us an extra year to plan and Plum the opportunity to play a bigger part in the celebrations. Another bridesmaid? Maybe a little page boy? Either way, the big day just got a little bit bigger (and a whole lot more special!)

The past few months haven’t been the calmest, for a number of reasons. The news of Baby Plum’s impending arrival rocked us all a little. Well, all apart from Beastie Boo, really. She’s a little young to understand what is about to happen. She’s never been through this before and can’t really see past the (rapidly) growing belly that mummy is carrying around! Apparently, it makes a great drum and an even better step!

I know exactly what is coming this time, though. I remember Beastie’s birth very clearly. It was only 16 months ago, after all. I remember how poorly Mummy was afterwards, how tired both Mummy and Daddy were and just how much life changed. I certainly wasn’t prepared for it! I also remember how happy we all were to finally meet Beastie Boo and I know how much fun we have had together since we first met. She is my baby sister and my bestest friend, so waiting for Plum to arrive is not just scary – it’s really exciting too!


A couple of months after learning that our family of 5 (including The pooch!) is soon to become a family of 6, we had to go through a very quick home move. “They’re the ‘joys’ of renting”, said mummy and daddy.

Another thing I don’t really understand, but one thing I do know is that it was a very tense, busy time for them. For quite a few days, every moment that we were awake was consumed by cardboard boxes and thick, brown sticky tape. I know I wasn’t helping the whole process to go smoothly as Mummy was trying to pack up my bedroom into boxes. Well, there were so many toys, so many books and so many pairs of shoes that I hadn’t seen in AGES! I couldn’t just allow Mummy to pack them away in boxes without each item receiving a thorough investigation first! So, as Mummy packed a box, I would remove just a few things from it … just for a little while. She found this tiring, apparently.

I suppose trying to pack and move home with me – being the lively, demanding pre-schooler that I am – and with Beastie – the heavily dependent one-year-old teetering on the cusp of toddlerhood – and the pooch – who was clearly nervous and confused about what was happening – must have been quite a challenge for both Mummy and Daddy.

Mummy’s tummy was growing more and more every day, it seemed, and therefore her physical abilities were limited. This meant Daddy had to take on a great deal of the hard, heavy duties. He was tired. Very tired. Moving with young children in tow is, apparently, not recommended unless highly necessary!


So, now we are kind of settled in our new home, it looks as though we may possibly be looking at ANOTHER move before Plum is born. That’s before Christmas! We always knew that this home would be temporary, but wow! I think the moves are more exciting for me and Beastie than they are for Mummy and Daddy. Hopefully, our next home will be one that we can settle in for a bit longer. Just for long enough for us to find our Forever Home.


So, that’s what has been happening in our Patch. It’s been an exciting year so far, with marriage proposals, baby news, home moves … and it doesn’t look as though things are going to calm down all that much as we creep into 2014!

Now what do you think…? Baby Plum… My baby brother or sister …?

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