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Today’s the day to think of dad

Did you know that November 19 is International Men’s Day? I bet you didn’t. In fact I’ll bet you didn’t even know there was an International Men’s Day (This year’s theme, by the way, is keeping men and boys safe). It is, after all quite low profile compared to International Women’s Day.


You may very well be asking why there is such a day for men. It’s a fair question.  After all, us blokes still have the upper hand in the world of commerce, politics and the workforce.


Scratch the surface and you unearth some pretty major issues, issues that don’t get the attention they deserve. The prison population is overwhelmingly male, the male suicide rate is higher than women’s, men’s life expectancy is lower than women’s and educational achievement for boys is on the slide.


Needless to say, my concerns relate to the barriers us men face as fathers. Unfair paternity leave policies, family unfriendly employers and the biased family court system are just three things I would highlight.


But today shouldn’t be about focusing on the negatives. This International Men’s Day, I’d like to propose we celebrate good fatherhood.


Fathers get a lot of bad publicity. Some of it is deserved, I won’t dodge that fact. It is, however, a vicious circle. We need to hear more about good fathers. The more publicity they receive, the more examples troubled fathers will have to look up to and consider as mentors. Positive publicity would also encourage dads to get involved with their children.


So that’s my message; this International Men’s Day, spend just a few minutes thinking of the good dads that are out there. You’ll find a few of them writing for the Kiddicare blog.


On that note, I shall sign off. Before doing so, I wish both male and female readers a very happy International Men’s Day.


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