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We love our blog. You love our blog. To celebrate the love here’s a very cool prize draw.


What better way of capturing those early milestones and memories than with a super-cool iPad? This one’s got the lot: WiFi, iSight camera, FaceTime and video recording. You could keep it for yourself or make someone’s Christmas very special indeed. Just click on this link to enter before 15th December. Good luck everyone!


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  1. mary

    what a lovely site. i wish this had been there in my day. there is such a lot of support for parents here, but you are missing a wonderful support system – grandparents. i am a first time granny who is loving getting to know my gorgeous, 6 month old grandson. he has lovely parents who are doing a great job looking after him but, as you will all know, babies can be exhausting. this is where the grannies and grandads can be invaluable. we are all desperate to help if you will let us. don’t worry. we can see what a good job you are doing and don’t want to take over. but getting a good night’s sleep can work wonders. our grandson stays overnight with us once a week so his mum and dad can have a relaxing evening and restful night. we are also on hand to babysit when needed. when i bring him back next day i have lunch with my daughter in law and we get the chance to chat and relax. i was a stay at home mum with 4 children so i know what it feels like to be rushed off your feet. however, i am in awe of today’s parents who manage to balance so many things at once. we got to take our grandson to his first halloween party at the weekend. it was a charity event for under 5′s and he loved all the happy chaos. mum got peace to go to the hairdressers and off they went to an engagement party afterwards, relaxed and secure that their boy was safe. It is so nice to just sit back and watch my grandson interact with his grandad. he has more time and much more patience now that we are older and more relaxed ourselves. it is great being a granny. let us help you, even if it is just doing a pile of ironing while you have a bath or catch up on some sleep :)

  2. Kiddicare

    Mary that is such a lovely comment; thank you for sharing. Your grandson is very lucky indeed to have such a cool granny! Thanks again Vicky x

  3. liliana aucott

    great stuff!!!

  4. Byron jones

    Nice prize

  5. yanka shaw

    have just gone thru mary,s story,i can relate and now 11 grandchildren later i still interact daily, i feel we need more family interaction, and sites like this give us ideas and encouragement to do just that.

  6. Helen C Shaw

    Like Mary a first time granny, and agree wish we had had the internet and site’s like yours which are a real treat.


    A GREAT SITE … and a generous giveaway! Thanks

  8. David Metcalf

    Great site, very informative.

  9. emma lynch

    Love it!!!

  10. We have seperately purchased from you in the last 10 days the Fisher Price Jumperoo and a Cot Bed Matress and on both occasions the Delivery was excellent and the up dates in terms of tracking our orders was very good. I will certainly be using your services again and would have no hesitattion in recommending you for excellent Customer Service and Value for money.

  11. Kiddicare

    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. It’s words like these that make our jobs truly a pleasure! Vicky x

  12. Norma McGill

    Very informative site!

  13. Loretta Cerioli

    Kiddicare covers all aspects of parenting – keeping up to date with technology and bringing advice and perspective to parents of all ages.

  14. Kiddicare

    Many thanks everyone for your entries. This prize draw is now closed and we’ll be picking a winner shortly. Good luck and keep an eye on your inbox incase you’re our lucky winner! Vicky x

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