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Celebrating our baby’s first Christmas

Last year they were two (and a Westie). This year there’s an extra little person to share the celebrations. A truly lovely, from-the-heart Christmas post by Emma, who writes the excellent Mrs Shilts blog. Enjoy…


This Christmas there will be an extra place set at the dinner table, there will be one more stocking hanging above the fireplace and there will be one very special sack full of presents under the tree.


This year it’s my baby boy’s first ever Christmas and I can’t wait. I’ve always loved Christmas, it’s such a magical time of year. I love the lights and the decorations, the cheesy Christmas music, wrapping gifts for under the tree, opening the door on the advent calendar for a little treat before going to work, the family get togethers and meeting up with friends.


This year with my little boy just 10 months old, I’m completely embracing his first Christmas experience. He’ll be visiting Father Christmas and his reindeer at our local Forestry Commission and having the mandatory photograph taken. I’ve bought him quite a few Christmassy outfits to wear throughout December including a very cute elf t-shirt with matching hat and ‘My 1st Christmas’ pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve.


I’m starting some new Christmas traditions this year including a Christmas Eve gift box which I’m going to fill with new pyjamas, a Christmas book and some magical reindeer food to sprinkle outside our home. The box will be given to him just before bed and we can have a magical bedtime routine.


I’ve bought Little Mr a new tree decoration, a silver star, which I’ve had engraved with the current year on to place on the tree. Every year I’ll buy him a new decoration and he can hang it on the Christmas tree. I’ve got a knitted elf ready to use as our ‘Elf on the Shelf’ to keep an eye on Little Mr. The elf will be a constant companion over the next few years coming to live with Little Mr each December to ensure he behaves himself and can share in Little Mr’s special day.


I’ve also embraced some of the Christmas crafts that inundate Pinterest at this time of year and have made (with Little Mr’s help, of course) footprint Christmas trees and some personalised decorations to give to his Grandparents, we’ve even made our own Christmas cards.


If I’m honest, I’ve been so excited about all the crafting we can do together I’m not sure who’s having the most fun! We’ll be spending Christmas Day with both sides of our family, Little Mr will be in his element seeing both sets of Grandparents and playing with his cousin whilst rolling around in a mountain of wrapping paper.


It’s going to be a fantastic day and although at such a young age it’s likely he won’t remember it, I’m going to take lots of photographs to show him as he’s growing up so that he can look forward to taking part in our family traditions and enjoy the magic of Christmas. Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you all have a fabulous time!


Don’t forget you can visit Santa and his elves at Kiddicare this Christmas. And stock up on a HUGE range of toys from birth to five. Ho ho ho…!


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