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Christmas with triplets!

So it’s nearly Christmas and I cannot believe that I am the proud owner of three nearly two year olds. My little babies are a distant memory and they are now boisterous little boys, full of fun, defiance and excitement.


People often ask me if it’s getting easier now that they are getting older and although certain aspects are getting easier such as feeding and even logistics, they are definitely more demanding now! Sometimes I feel like I live with three little dictators – if they want something, they want it 10 minutes ago! It’s hard to keep up with their never ending demands and whines and quite frankly after a whole week of it, it’s enough to drive you to lock yourself in a cupboard with a bottle of wine and a straw! The downside about this time of year can be the weather because if they’re driving you potty you can’t just bung them in the garden without first fighting to get them into warm clothes, which they inevitably will try to strip off before you manage to get out of the door.


Despite this, we have managed to take full advantage of the relatively mild autumn and have enjoyed the peacefulness of the empty parks as well as braving letting all three out of the buggy while on my own. It sounds simple to let your children out of their buggy so they can happily toddle along with you, but alas when you have two or three the same age they do not have the same ideas about direction. They do however all agree that the main aim is to escape. Once one has a paddy that’s it, the other two will make a break because you have taken your eye off the ball. They are opportunists and will lead you into a false sense of security, before crushing your newly found parental confidence as they make a bid for freedom. Some friends use reins, but I have struggled with them, I end up like a maypole while they tangle around my legs. Instead I have used the buggy as a way of keeping them near and if they stray too far then they’re back in (which they obviously don’t like).


I am keen to encourage their independence and help them to help themselves (so that I am not doing everything)! Our first step has been to move them from cots to beds after they started cot hopping onto each other’s heads. It went remarkably smoothly and we learnt quickly to give them SOFT toys in their room to curb the bashing injuries that are inevitable when you have three competitive boys to contend with.


I think the next six months or so will continue to be challenging whilst they all desperately seek 100% of my attention 24/7, but I know that they will soon start to play independently and they won’t want me interfering quite so much. It is always helpful to remember that when you are faced with sometimes undesirable and exhausting behaviour that it is only a phase and it shall pass.


I recently started a little part time job, which I do 2 evenings a week, it’s lovely to be able to have some adult time for myself and to have the extra money of course. It works perfectly as it’s only a mile away from home and John is home to look after the boys so there is no childcare to pay for. Although it’s relatively easy work, it’s still tiring and I often squeeze in a couple of extra cuppas during the day on the Friday to get me through, but it’s definitely worth it for that payslip with my name on it!


The next few weeks are going to be manic, full of birthday parties, weddings, Christmas parties and overtime at work so I had best invest in some super strength coffee! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and new year!


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  1. triplets sound like hard work, love the ganging up bit though with one distracting you and the other 2 making a break.
    Good for you for going getting a job and leaving daddy with the bedtime routine, Im sure they all enjoy it…
    Laughed at the idea of just soft toys in their room, try telling them they are suppose to be sleeping!
    Do they by choice all end up in the same bed or do they stay in their own?

  2. Hi Elaine!

    Thanks for your comment. They generally will all sleep in their own beds now, but occasionally we’ll go in and one or sometimes two will have snuck in with another. It’s very sweet :)


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