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Let’s make… a pompom wreath

This gorgeous pompom wreath is ticking all our Christmassy boxes: easy to make, undeniably impressive and great with little ones as you can practice counting as you wind the wool round your fingers. Merry Christmas everyone!


You’ll need:

  • brightly coloured wool – we chose 5 colours
  • scissors
  • a polystyrene ring (we bought ours at Hobbycraft)


Step One

Wind the wool around your fingers, we did it 70 times (stay with it, it’s worth it!) We wrapped our wool around the width of three fingers; two fingers will make small pompoms and four fingers will make bigger ones.

Step 1


Step Two

Once you’ve counted to 70 it should look something like this.

Step 2

Step Three

Cut a piece of wool approximately 8” and lay on the table. Slip the wrapped wool off your fingers and place centrally over the length of wool on the table. Tie the length of wool around the ball of wool in a nice tight knot.

Step 3

Step Four

Cut through the loops of wool to make the pompom.

Step 4

Step Five

Your pompom should look something like this. You might need to trim it in pieces to make sure it’s nice and even.

Step 5

Step Six

Continue to make pompoms in various colours until you have a lovely pile of them.

Step 6

Step Seven

This is the fun bit where your wreath really begins to take shape. Tie the first pompom to the wreath with a piece of matching wool.

Step 7

Step Eight

Continue to tie on pompoms with the matching colour wool. And… ta dah!


Step 8


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