Hairdressing horror

“My Top 5 Parenting Fails”

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Em who writes the awesome Snowing Indoors, deserves a hat tip for this hilarious post.

Em writes: Motherhood is amazing, but it can also feel like you’re walking along a booby trapped path with no end in sight. Every parent does daft things, things that are either cute or considered a good idea at the time, but that end up going hideously wrong. Just so you don’t feel alone, here are my top 5 parenting fails…

Baby burritos
My eldest came into the kitchen and asked me to wrap her blanket around her body with her arms inside and tuck it in so it wouldn’t fly open. Of course my 2 year old demanded the same. ‘How cute’ I thought and watched them chase each other down the hall. It was only as I watched my son fall over in slow motion that I realised he wouldn’t be able to put his arms out to stop from hitting his head on the ground. Lots of tears (and guilt) later I came up with golden rule number 1 – always leave their arms free.

Hairdressing horror
My son had lovely long, surf dude hair and I really didn’t want it cut short. However we were going away for the weekend so I decided to just trim a wee bit off his fringe so it wouldn’t keep getting in his eyes. Turns out cutting children’s hair is tricky and after my terrible attempts at ‘trimming’ it was obvious he needed a buzz cut, as there was no returning from the hack job I did. Golden rule number 2, if you don’t want to end up buzzing your kid, visit a hairdresser!

Don’t assume
My son climbs up into his booster seat at every meal, it’s easy and has never gone wrong, until the night he slipped, bashed his head and ended up overnight in hospital with concussion. Golden rule number 3, just because it’s never been a problem before, doesn’t mean it won’t go horribly wrong this time!

They’re not as helpless as they let on 
Following on from the previous story here is my golden rule number 4, never underestimate your kiddo’s abilities. Just because they haven’t climbed out of their cot before, doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t. I assumed that our daughter was too short to climb out of the cot, until that nap time when we heard a thump and a cry and she proved us all wrong

Treat your child like a super villain
Just because you have a pin on your phone, it won’t necessarily stop your 3 year old from calling the police and having a chat about how Mummy put them on the naughty mat, the police that show up at your door as a result may well be slightly hacked off at you. Golden rule number 5, never, ever leave your phone or iPad lying around, it’s just asking for trouble.

So there you have it, five of my most recent Mummy fails, what is your most recent one?

Disclaimer: no children were hurt in the writing of this blog post, children are tough little things and have sustained no lasting damage while under my care.

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